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On Wednesday afternoon, as I was studying for my art history final, my glasses snapped in two. I had gotten up to wipe some smudge off the lenses, and suddenly there were two pieces in my hands, not one. Ugh. I don't seem to have any backup glasses (I can't find my old pair ANYWHERE) so Seanie helped me glue the frames back together and reinforce it with tape, and I'm wearing the glasses around the house. But these patchwork glasses are too embarrassing to wear in public, so I've pulled my contact lenses out of retirement. They still make my eyes itch like crazy, and give me a headache, so I'm trying not to wear them more than absolutley necessary and I'm minimizing my outta-the-house time.

My last final was Thursday morning, so that was a relief, but a small one, because I still hadn't completed my paper for that class. I worked on it most of Thursday afternoon, polished it off Friday morning, and turned it in just a few minutes before work at Lush. Then I felt relief. A wave of hallelujahs just washed over me.

Unfortunately, summer session starts Monday so there's I'm thrust back into school again. It's a brutal routine. You have fall quarter, and then a couple weeks off for the holidays. That's fine. Then you have winter quarter for 12 weeks, followed by spring quarter for 12 weeks. There's a week's break in-between, but that's not enough time to really relax and shed the anxieties of the previous quarter. All you get between the end of spring quarter and the start of summer is a single weekend, which is even worse. No detox time at all! Six weeks of double-time classes and triple-loaded homework, and then...bliss. Freedom. Aaaah...

It's only six weeks, I can survive that, right?

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