Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Another weekly update

Last week seemed pretty busy, although I can't think why. I didn't really do anything out of the ordinary routine; I went to work, went to class, did some homework, watched TV.

Oh, I did see Harry Potter. It was OK. Better than the previous two movies. The way the director's shifted the focus off Harry to 'The Big Three' kinda annoys me, as does the reduction of Neville to an invisible entity. Sometimes that movie just felt like a big fat roll call - Here's Hagrid! Here's Lupin! Here's Neville! - and I'm no longer surprised that the last book is being split into two films. They're going to need that extra movie just to get caught up if they plan to bring any sense to this plot.

So that was Harry Potter.
Reading a book right now called Beautiful As Yesterday by Fan Wu. It's set right here in the Bay Area, so the author will talk about walking to Valley Fair Mall to shop and I'll think "Hey, I work there." It makes me realize that there really isn't a lot of literature set in the South Bay; when people want to write about the Bay Area fiction always focuses on San Francisco or Berkeley. San Jose/Cupertino/Gilroy just ain't cool, ya'lls.
The book is written about three Chinese women who immigrated to the US at different stages in their lives. As an American with Chinese blood, it's an interesting experience. Completely different than reading, say, Amy Tan (I'm sure there's going to be a lot of comparisons between this book and Tan's work from reviewers) because Tan writes as an American-born Chinese-American, rather than a Chinese in America. So her cultural Chinese in The Joy Luck Cluband the cultural Chinese of Fan Wu's characters, born and raised in post-Revolution China, are just worlds away from each other.
It just seems funny, because the Asian ethnic groups get bunched together so much, and the differences between each sub-group are just wild.

Well, anyway. There's that.

Madrid's up in the air again. I applied into the program and my application was received, but apparently not enough people applied for both teachers to go to Spain. One teacher's getting kicked off, but will it be the English teacher or the Art History teacher? If the Art teacher gets eliminated, I really can't justify going to Spain, so I'm hoping she stays. (Seriously, why would you go to Madrid to study English? C'mon!) They notified us of the problem last Tuesday, but they haven't announced any updates since then, so I'm antsy and impatient.

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