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02 August 2009 @ 12:05 pm
Transcript from Google Chat (edited to remove unrelated side-conversations)  
Yesterday on Google Chat

3:04 PM me: (argh. i just flipped off a resident. i don't think she saw me, but i really should learn to control that impulse.)
(maybe i should learn to keep my mouth shut.)

3:05 PM Sean: (Wow, don't do that. She must have been really rude, that doesen't seem like

3:12 PM me: so the resident wasn't that bad i guess
she just irritatedme
she was dropping off a ballot
for this voting thing their doing
and was all "that box [that the ballots are being collected in] sure is dusty"
me: uh-huh
resident: someone should clean it
me: yup
resident: you work here
me: i surely do
resident: you should clean it!

3:13 PM me: mmm.
resident: get a paper towel and do it!
me: mmm.

Sean: hmm
me: resident stomps off
me: to the swimming pool
Sean: she's not the boss of you
i probably would have done it for boredome's sake
me: but now i won't touch it on principle

3:14 PM Sean: Well
it may be something that ought to get done, but you aren't there to be at her beck and call
i mean
i can see the confusion on her end i guess
but you aren't a servent of the household or something
you shouldn't be treated that way

no one cares if it is a little dusty or not
you see it for like five seconds and then it is gone from your life, crazy resident

3:16 PM Sean: It'sh ow people are

3:17 PM me: i suppose that is true!
oilofjoyoilofjoy on August 3rd, 2009 01:39 pm (UTC)
"but now i won't touch it on principle"-- hahahahhaahaaa!!! I would probably feel the same way! love it