Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Twilight Party

Had a party at Lori's house. Lori's an old co-worker; she's worked off and on at Lush the last three years with me. She left for good in late June/early July, which is a pity because she was one of our best sales people, but it wasn't making her happy and she didn't really need the money, so why stay? It was mostly fun for her. But anyway, one of the things that happened before she left was the Twilight books made the rounds at Lush, and everyone was reading them. Lori was one of the last to pick them up, but once she started them she fell in love. So, since she hadn't yet seen the movie, she had a party Sunday night to watch it. I'm not often social with my friends from Lush - although I like to be - because I'm not much of a drinker and most of their get-togethers involve bars, so even though the movie Twilight is not one of my favorites (except to mock and make fun) I happily went.

Lori's apartment in Palo Altois the cutest. It was completely clean, which was just amazing to me. Not a speck of dust anywhere. It's tasteful, colorful without becoming gauche, and interesting. Everywhere you turn is something to delight the eye, something to pick up and say "Lovely!" or "That's beautiful, where did you get it?" I mean, this is a woman with a George Rhoads sculpture hanging on her wall. Bloody freakin' awesome. I want to be Lori when I grow up, seriously. Awesome stuff, lovely library, fantastic sweet husband. (Also, she has a fantastic Louis Vuitton handbag collection. Mind you, I'm not a fan of LV but I appreciate the effort. If I had a similar collection, it would be Versace, probably.)

The Twilight movie, obviously, hasn't improved since I saw it last. I sat on the back couch with Danyelle, Melissa and Melanie and we made silly and snarky comments the whole time. Closer to the screen, Lori and Kate were sitting and enjoying the movie for the first time. We tried to be quiet so we wouldn't distract from their viewing pleasure, but sometimes that didn't go so well, judging from the number of dirty glances shot our way.

It was great to spend a night in with the ladies from Lush (and two other ladies who were long-time friends of Lori). Hopefully we'll get a chance to do something similar soon!
Tags: lush, party, twilight

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