Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Missing co-worker, kinda freaky

So my co-worker from RHA, Maria*, may be missing. She didn't show up for work at all Wednesday evening, which is really unusual. I mean, she has worked at RHA for three or four years now and whenever she's missed a shift in the past, she's called ahead so the office staff would know. She has never no-showed. So when my boss came in the next morning she was understandably concerned.

See, the thing about Maria is that her husband is a total creep. Like, abusive creep. I don't know how often he's physically abusive to her, but I know he has hit her in the past. He is an engineer so he makes good money, but he doesn't give her a cent of it. He pays the mortgage and that's it. Maria has to pay for everything else - her sons' tuition to private school, food, clothes, anything her sons need - which is why she has to work both at RHA with me and at her day job as an administrative assistant to the VP of a tech firm. Well, that was her day job. She lost it last week, although I didn't find this out until today. But I was talking about the husband. By all accounts he seems to be quite lousy. At one point last summer she looked into divorcing him, but she said she couldn't afford the lawyer and legal fees.

So when my boss realized Maria hadn't come in, she was worried the husband might have done something to punish Maria when she lost her job. She called Maria, and couldn't get her to answer. She called me to find out when I'd last seen/spoken to Maria, but I hadn't heard from her in days. She was really worried, so she called the police, who investigated. At Maria's home, they found the front door unlocked and nobody home. This was in the morning, perhaps around 10? If my boss doesn't hear from Maria by tonight, she'll call the police again and see if she can file a missing persons report.

As I write this, I can see that many people would think my boss was just overreacting completely. People miss work all the time. But the timing is just very suspicious, what with Maria just losing her major source of income and all, and Maria's husband is such a dark character. I haven't met him, but the stories Maria tells seems straight out of abuse victim warning articles in womens' magazines. (She doesn't make excuses like "Oh, he loves me but sometimes he loses his temper" but rather states things in a "This is how it is, I have to do this until my kids are out of school.") I kinda think my boss may have had a run-in, a bad conversation ,or meeting with the husband before. Boss seems to be hoping that maybe, just maybe, Maria finally decided to leave the jerk and just took off with her sons. That doesn't seem likely, though. Maria is so proud that her sons are in an one of the local exclusive private schools, and taking them away from that would break her heart. They aren't little boys, either - the youngest one is entering high school this fall, I think, and the oldest will be a senior - and it just seems to me like they wouldn't want to be uprooted, they'd want to stay home and tough things out.

I dunno, I just hope Maria's OK, and we hear from her soon and find out what the heck is going on.

* name changed since the info is sensitive, but I've probably used her real name in previous posts. Oops.
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