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Updates Galore

Co-Worker Drama: Maria phoned in yesterday and e-mailed today. She's OK! Relatively speaking, anyway. Somehow she got a nasty rash earlier this week. At first the doctor said it was shingles, but now he's saying it isn't shingles but is something else. Scarlet fever, he thinks? (Who gets that anymore?) Maria didn't come to work yesterday or today, because she thought she might be contagious, so I am picking up some extra hours. She'll come tomorrow, since we have a special event that night and my boss wanted both of us to be at the Clubhouse. (I'm supposed to be at a class meeting at that time, so I'm not sure how I'm going to manage the evening yet. Hopefully I can duck in and out.)
Maria wants to take a vacation before her sons are back in school. Originally, we thought she'd be taking it in mid- to late July, but due to layoffs at her other job and then this rash business it hasn't happened. So she wants to take it now, which would normally not be an issue but I'm leaving for a school trip to Ashland, Oregon this Thursday and won't be back until Monday evening. So I can't work for her, and in fact was relying on her to cover the shifts I'm missing. (I first told her about the Ashland trip in late May/early June, and have brought it up every few weeks since so she knows that it's coming.) So I'm not sure what we'll be doing there. Our back-up worker had a heart attack last month so she's outof commission as well.


School drama: I don't have any school drama, exactly. I just thought I'd post my current schedule for Fall 2009:
ANTH 003. 01 INTRO TO ARCHEOLOGY M-Th 9:30AM - 10:20AM
ACCT 001C 03 MANAG ACCOUNTG M-F 10:30AM - 11:20AM
(annoying break)
ARTS 002D 01 HIST OF ART/EUROPE & US 4.0 MW 2:30PM - 4:10PM
(annoying break)
ARTS 012. 61 DESIGN AND COLOR 3.0 MW 6:30PM - 9:10PM

I might have to drop either Design & Color or Intro to Archeology, just because that's going to be a REALLY LONG DAY otherwise. But Design & Color has Miki, one of my favorite teachers from the previous year at DeAnza, and archeology is just too damn cool. So we'll see. I toughed my way through 21 units last fall; I can totally do it again.


Tomorrow Sean and I will hopefully go see the 'Lords of the Samurai' exhibit at the Asian Art Museum. We've meant to do it at least once before, but laziness kicked in and we stayed home that day.


Shakespeare Festival, here I come! Can't wait to go to Ashland this week!
Tags: ashland, asian art, deanza, rha, shakespeare

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