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Ashland 2009, Day Three

Another 7 am wake-up. I find myself wondering, “Is it REALLY necessary to shower? I mean, will anyone notice if I’m just a little stinky?” The answer, of course, is yes so I drag my lazy bum into the shower stall, but it’s so much harder to be coherent than it was yesterday. Breakfast is blueberry pancakes (hot), scrambled eggs (cold) and coffee (lukewarm).

At 8:30 we gather in Cox classroom for discussion. A few seats are empty as people opted to sleep in rather than join the class. (If I wasn’t taking the class for a grade, I’d probably do the same.) Most of the feedback for Friday’s plays is positive, although resident grump Martin kvetches that The Music Man isn’t a proper play and therefore shouldn’t appear in OSF’s line-up. Several people in the class went to see a new play called Equivocation last night instead of watching Don Quixote with the rest of us, and every single one of them could not stop raving about how wonderful the play was. The description from OSF’s website does sound pretty entertaining:
Truth-telling in dangerous times. What if the government commissioned you to write the definitive history (make that a self-serving lie) of a national crisis? What story would you tell? Welcome to London, 1605, and the world of King James, the Gunpowder Plot, and the Tower dungeons, as William Shakespeare and his theatre company struggle to create a play to please the king and not lose their hearts, souls, or heads in the process. In a world premiere, Bill Rauch directs Bill Cain’s high-stakes political thriller with ties to both Macbeth and Henry VIII. A must-see for Shakespeare lovers.

The discussion was cut short because we had an Actor’s Talk scheduled at 10 am. According to the class syllabus, two of the actors were supposed to meet with us, but in the end we only got one, Gwendolyn Mulamba. She was a pretty fine catch for our group though, since we had seen both of her plays the previous day. (She played Marian Paroo in The Music Man and The Innkeeper’s Wife in Don Quixote.) She was quite interesting! Prior to this season she hadn’t sung professionally since her school days in New York City, so playing a lead in The Music Man was a really rewarding challenge. She talked a bit about the technical side of the theatre, and how each singer is miked so that they can hear themselves when they sing. That was actually pretty neat, since I rarely think about that aspect of a production. Gwendolyn also shared some of her process in learning a role – it takes a lot more studying than I ever would have guessed! She reads up on everything she can find about the writer/creator of the play, since each writer leaves a bit of him/herself in their work, and then deconstructs the play to get into what each character is thinking. She won’t be back with OSF next year, which is too bad. It sounds like she’s heading back to the East Coast to see what she can do there.

After the Actor’s Talk I took the bus back to the dorms and had a nap. (It never guessed it would be so grueling. I mean, all we did was watch plays and maybe walk around a bit?) After a while I woke up, and got ready to head back into town. My roommate was also ready to be active (all the rest of the under-twenties were still napping), so together we started walking on a quest to find lunch. (I keep hoping I lost weight on this trip because I spent so much of my time walking back and forth.) Ally and I ended up getting pizzas at Alex’s Restaurant on Main Street. We sat on the balcony overlooking the street in perfect weather. The food was so good! Pizza was perfectly crisp with gooey cheese. I drool thinking about it.
After lunch we poked our heads into a couple of stores. At one shop I bought a maxi skirt, black with a white skulls print, to wear when I work at Lush. (Very goth.) But other than the single splurge, my wallet stayed firmly in my pocket. Curiously, I didn’t see much in the way of postcards at the shops we went in. *shrug* I wasn’t looking very carefully, though – I always figured I could buy them later.

We had the afternoon free of scheduled activities, so we went hiking in Lithia Park and got quite a workout. The trail we followed just seemed to keep going and going! We passed ponds, amphitheatres, statues, and random monuments. The park just seems like a crazy hodgepodge of ideas cobbled into a single stretch of public land. But the afternoon was beautiful and the exercise tiring, so that my feet ached in that “Good you’ve done some moving for once” way.

Ally’s boyfriend had sent her a text message that he was planning to drive up from Morgan Hill because he missed her. Morgan Hill is back home, so we’re talking an eight hour drive! It seemed a little extreme to me, seeing as she’d be heading home again on Monday anyway but he seemed quite determined to drive up after he got off work that evening.
We walked back to the dorm for dinner. (It’d be easier to stay in town, but we’d technically already paid for the dorm food when we booked the trip so might as well eat it, right?) The food was pretty unexciting, though. I think it was just more pizza? It’s funny. The first night I took great notes of what I did so I could type up the LJ entries later, but as each night wore on and I was just a little more tired, I wrote less and less.

At 8:00 we were back in the Elizabethan Theatre to watch Much Ado About Nothing. On my left sat Ally; on my right sat Luigi. Luigi is a very large person and spilled over out of his seat into my personal space, which made me uncomfortable. He had teased his hair up into a ridiculous pompadour rising six inches off his head, and I was fighting not to stare at it as we made small talk.
My notes on the play can be read this-a-way!

When we got back to the hotel room, I went downstairs for a while with my laptop to give Ally some privacy to talk to her boyfriend. It was nearly midnight, and he had just left Morgan Hill to begin the drive up to Ashland. All I could think was if he was really coming up he was going to be too wiped out on Sunday to do much of anything.
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