Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Lush is SUPER slow this week...

It's sorta weird. Lush was busy, busy, BUSY this weekend. Crowds bustling in the store. Then Monday came and BAM! nobody was home. We literally spent the first two-three hours of the day with less than five people entering the shop. It seemed even slower than usual because we were expecting our shipment to come in, so there were five of us standing around. With our black aprons, we looked like five vultures waiting to swoop onto the first carrion customers that ventured in. (Later in the afternoon, we found out that our boxes were held up at Customs. Figures.)

Today was hardly better. It was like Monday, Part II. Once again, we were just hanging out, dragging our feet, waiting for some poor soul to come in and refuse our customer service. Just awful. Just as my shift was ending, our shipment FINALLY showed up - I stayed an extra half hour to get some of it put away, but I had to get to my other job at RHA so I took off. If only the Fedex guy had shown up an hour or two earlier, we wouldn't have spent the entire day watching dust float through the air...

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