Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Grrrrr. Arrrrr. Double schedule.

So about a week ago, before I went to Ashland, my co-worker and I were looking at the calender trying to figure out vacations for September. She wanted to go somewhere for Labor Day weekend, which worked out perfectly because my Dad had reservations in Yosemite the following weekend.

Fast forward to today. When I got to work Maria announced she had booked a cruise for the 9th - 15th. I glanced at the calender and realized it was the same weekend as my trip. When I brought this up, it was frustrating but what can you do? She's already bought the tickets. So I left a message for my dad that I wouldn't be able to go to Yosemite with him.

I was so mad that she switched the dates without asking me. She did point out that I've gone on several trips this year, and she hasn't, which is true. I'm not saying she doesn't deserve the vacation, because she does. But man, I had made plans with my dad and my boyfriend. Seanie even requested the days off of work already. :-/

But it's my fault. I didn't write the dates down, and how can I expect someone to remember something if it isn't in print? So my bad. It's not like she did it on purpose.

But soooo frustrating....

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