Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Everything's on fire!

Yesterday was pretty crazy.  In the morning, there was a fire at RHA.  Not in the Clubhouse, where I work, but up in one of the residences.   I was sitting in the Clubhouse when I saw no less than eight firetrucks enter through the front gate and hightail it toward the fire.  I walked a little bit up the main road until I could see the column of smoke from the fire,  but I couldn't leave the Clubhouse for very long so I didn't see the actual burnt out building.  The resident who rents the place made it out safely, which is good.  (I bet the owner's gonna be PISSED though.)  As of right now, the cause of the fire is unknown, but it is quite the event in sleepy little RHA so everyone's talking about it.


   little_lies (Bandaid) turns 25 next month, and her boyfriend arranged for kerotab , kittenpie22 and I to meet her for a surprise party.  We drove up to San Mateo, where she lives, to meet them at a Red Robin.  (Apparently Red Robin have a girl whose sole responsibility is to open and close the door.  I would expect this at a fancy restaurant, but Red Robin is family dining.  Restaurants with meals less than $10 don't need doormen.  Doorwomen.  Whatever.)  We didn't want to get a table so we sorta half-hid behind a plant and waited for Bandaid show up.  The staff probably thought we were nuts.  After she showed up and we were all like "Surprise!" her boyfriend left his credit card and took off.  I had thought he'd stay for dinner, but Bandaid said he was probably super-excited to have the computer/TV to himself so he could play his video games.

OK, folks.  NEVER look at the Nutrition Information at Red Robin.  It's waaaaaaaaaaay too depressing.  My hamburger was over 1000 calories! (OK, it was a Bacon CheeseFatsoburger, but it was far from the only 1000+ item on the menu.)  That does not include drinks and fries.  No wonder I felt full after eating less than half of it!
I'll never feel guilty for not finishing a meal at a restaurant again!

After dinner we shopped at Old Navy for a bit, mostly to stretch our legs and get Bandaid a pair of socks, since we were going bowling.  Kitty ended up buying some clothes.  We also popped into Bed, Bath and Beyond so we could molest every fuzzy blanket and suede curtain  in the store.  I'd love to go on a big fat spending spree and get a new fall wardrobe, but until I've bought my textbooks unnecessary spending is off-limits.

Bowling was fun, but I need to hit the weights.  The lightest ball we could find was a 10 lb. pink monster, and after a few rounds my wrist was aching.  I think it was too heavy?  I could have been throwing it wrong, I suppose, but when an 8 lb. ball became available an hour later I was fine so I'm just a huge weakling.  Kitty used to bowl quite regularly, so she's usually pretty good, but she hasn't had time lately and her game's deteriorated a bit.  I think she won the second game, and Kero won the first?  Not sure.

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