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Hey nonny Ne Nonny Dae nani no nanka

Ne nani na no da. Ne nani na no da. Ne naze na no da.
My friends are all going stupid on me. Help! Well, not all of them, but a couple are just looooosing it! I'm supposed to be the crazy one, and yet they're all going absolutely blammo on me. >_< What's a gal to do when Fanime's in two days and her friends have decided that now would be an excellent time to pile on the drama? -_-; Meh...
So life. Art of life. Maybe I should take some Yoshiki advice. Stab the dolls filled with hate. Wash yourself with their blood. Drive into the raging current of time. Swing your murderous weapon into the belly. That would be one way to get a guarenteed passport to a shrink, wouldn't it? Again. Did I ever tell you about that? I had to see a shrink - technically it was group therapy, but whatever - every week in eighth grade. And my parents wonder why I'm such an awfuldisrespectfuldisobedientwillful daughter who won't go to sleep when she's told.
You make up imaginary enemies and are chased by them
You're trying to commit suicide
You're satisfied with your prologue
Now you're painting your first chapter black
You are putting the scraps of life together and trying to make an asylum for yourself
You're hitting a bell at the edge of the stage and
You are trying to kill me

That describes a couple of people I know. I think they’re trying to kill me. Really.’s a secret. And I’m not paranoid, either.
Seriously, though. I’m supposed to write a serious entry. Ha! Like that can happen...oh, but it can. Know what? One of my mommy’s friends kicked the bucket on Monday night. Isn’t it amazing how your choice of words can make you seem really sensitive or like a real ass? My mother’s amigo passed on a few days ago. I seem much kinder, no? I have a really crude mind, though – maybe I washed it with blood, ne? – and when I heard the news the first sentence is pretty much what I thought. I was kind of close to the woman, too...but then, I’m the girl who is rather hoping her grandmother will die just because she can’t bear to be near someone so far gone mentally. Like I’m always telling Kris, I’m really an awful person.
Dreams can make me mad. I can't leave my dream. I can't stop myself. Don't know what I am. What lies are truth? What truths are lies?
Okay, I’m focused. I have to be, because I have a couple of projects to finish for school. Gotta focus, gotta stop scattering like the wind. Sometimes I wonder if I should be on Ritalin like my brother. He’s doing so much better in school than me. That used to bug me, but I don’t care anymore. I don’t even think about school much anymore, which is bad, because I really do need to pass English and Economics, and I’m teetering on the edge of failure in one class and downright failing the other. Arrrrr...
Concentrate, concentrate, concentrate...
A Rose is breathing love in my life...

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