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First Day of School, Fall 2009

One year ago, I fully intended to be at San Jose State University today. I thought I'd be taking the bus downtown every morning, eagerly soaking up knowledge at a 'real' college. I'd have finally moved forward with my life.

Well, a big HA-HA to that. The California budget cuts ripped that goal to shreds, as SJSU closed Fall 2009 admissions early and then refused to even consider taking applications for Spring 2010. So it's September 21st, 2009, and instead of being a month into the semester at SJSU I'm starting a new quarter at DeAnza.

Although I'm not where I wanted to be, I can't complain. My schedule looks pretty good based on what I experienced today.

My first class of the morning is Intro to Archaeology and it is being taught by a Disney Animatronic. The teacher, a highly experienced archeologist who has done excavations all over Santa Clara Valley, is great. I mean, he's entertaining. He speaks clearly and loudly - always a huge bonus in a teacher. But I swear he copied his gestures and facial tics from one of Disney's robots; possibly, the auctioneer on Pirates of the Caribbean. His head swivels, he blinks, his arms move and I think it's just his way of being a dynamic speaker (and don't get me wrong, he is quite good) but all I can think is "Hello, Disney? One of your Haunted Mansion ghosts escaped!" My day is off to a very strong start with this guy, though, whom I shall call Indiana Jones in my journal thanks to Jeannie.

After him, my schedule sags for a couple of hours. My accounting teacher is OK, but she's not who I wanted to take the class from. When I signed up for Managerial Accounting it was taught by Kwak, a teacher I had back in the Spring 2009. I liked his class because I got an A+ even though I only showed up to about half the classes, because almost every assignment is done through the computer. I also liked him because even though the class met five days a week, M-F, Kwak never made us come to school on Friday. That was awesome. But last Friday - the weekend before school started - the accounting classes were all switched around and now Kwak isn't teaching a section of this class, so I have to take it from this lady. DANG IT! I don't think I'll be able to attend the Friday classes, since I work at RHA that day, and I had planned to use my lunch break for my next class, Statistics.

But before I go to Stats, I have an hour break. I went and bought coffee because I was practically falling asleep in Accounting, grabbed a muffin and settled into a shady spot to read.

Statistics is the class I'm most worried about. The teacher for the class was poorly rated on, but the only Stats teacher ranked highly had his section completely filled up before I had a chance to register. This teacher had two things going for him:
1/ No accent
2/ No homework
so I went with his class. But I've dropped Stats before because it was so incomprehensible, so I'm really, really going to have to apply myself this time around.

Another hour break. I went back to my car to take a nap, but that failed because someone's car alarm went off. But let me take this opportunity to say that I have NEVER seen DeAnza so crowded in all the years I've been going there. Parking's a nightmare; some people were reporting they spent between thirty minutes and an hour trying to find a spot. The sheer mass of people milling around between classes is like fighting your way through the mall on the weekend before Christmas. The news said there was something like 8,000 people trying to add classes; I don't know if that means there were 8,000 people on waitlists who may have other classes or if there were 8,000 people just trying to add something so they can be in school. Either way, it's horrible.

After this break it's time for Art History: Post-Impressionism through Today with a teacher I'm going to call Giles because yes, he is just like Buffy's Watcher. British, bookish, dry humor, and round wire glasses. He seems to be extremely, utterly opposed to cell phones, complaining that whenever we use them we're giving our money away to The Man. He claims that art history is one of the best degrees you can get, because in order to understand art you must have a thoroughly rounded education. You must understand history, philosophy, religion, economics, politics, etc. etc. etc. Oh, and if he had control over these matters he'd make sure that every major world leader had some sort of history degree because MAYBE they would understand cause and effect a little better.
I think his class is going to be great fun.

Another break follows, two hours long this time. I walk over to Whole Foods, decide I'm too cheap to buy food there, and walk down to Target for $3.50 mac-n-cheese with yogurt and milk. Huh. Lots of dairy; never thought of that before.

My last class is going to be the most fun, I think. It's Design and Color which can only be useful, right? But I'm excited because it's another class with Miki, who taught my Design class last quarter and was SUCH a great teacher. Even better, a lot of the students from my Design class are also in this color class, so it will be fun to work with these guys again.
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