Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

School's rockin'...

I'm liking my classes as the first week draws to a close. The fact that Stats and Accounting have Friday sessions is a bit of a problem, but class attendence isn't tracked by either teacher so *hopefully* they'll avoid schedule tests on Fridays and I'll be just fine.

Setting Archaeology as my first class of the day was a brilliant masterstroke of scheduling. I love the topic, and my teacher has so many awesome filed stories that I don't want to miss a single lecture. Not only do I go to school every day with no reluctance, I arrive on campus early to ensure I get a good seat.

Managerial Accounting is more of a problem. My mind wanders because the topic is dull. Really, there's not much you can do to make accounting exciting, and my teacher doesn't seem to be trying to do so anyway. Her teaching style is so nondescript that when I attempt to describe her, I can only think of physical attributes. Middle-aged. Rather dumpy. Hair's thinning and obviously dyed. Dresses in 'career' clothes, but she's also dressed for comfort so they're loose and unexciting. I feel bad that I've taken note only of rather unflattering observations, but as a teacher she hasn't done a thing to stand out.

I have an hour break after these two classes, and it's become my coffee/tea time. I find a shady spot on campus and read for an hour.

Stats sucks, topically, but it's a class EVERYONE was trying to get into. On the second day, our teacher had brought in extra desks and they were still overflowing. There were 45 students in the class, so he told everyone not enrolled to leave because he wouldn't be able to do any more adds. One or two people leave, so he does a head count and there are still over 50 people in the classroom. So he repeats himself, and when no one leaves he says again that he is not adding anyone so GET OUT. A couple of people who had been the top of the waitlist, originally told they could stay, are told to leave as well - and of course, these are the 'good' students who do leave. But there are still five or six extra students in the classroom, unenrolled, that our teacher's got to get rid of but they're refusing to leave, and the class is big enough that he can't tell which students they are.
Finally, one chola in the back row yells, "Do you people NOT UNDERSTAND ENGLISH? He told you to GET OUT!" and some terrified people went scrambling out. OK, that was kinda funny, but not really.

Art's good. Giles is hilarious!

Design and Color is awesome! I had so much fun chattering away on Wednesday. When we actually start painting next week, I'm a little nervous about that, because I'm horrible with acrylic paint but the class is so fun I hope it'll be OK.

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