Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Dear Internet

Dear Internet,
When I decided to continue working at both RHA and Lush while taking twenty academic units, I may not have been thinking clearly. I may have overbooked myself just a smidge. Just sayin'.


School's going pretty well, right now, but we're only two weeks in. I've got my first two midterms next week; I guess my grades on those will reveal how fast my ship is sinking.

SJSU applications opened up yesterday; my application is *mostly* done but I need to check in with a counseler to confirm I am providing the correct information. Once that is done, I should be able to submit my application and rest easy for a few months, until I hear from SJSU next spring. I scheduled an appointment with one of the counselers, but the earliest date is October 20th - I don't want to wait that long! On Tuesday afternoon I'm going to try to do a walk-in appointment, but whenever I do that I end up waiting around for a couple of hours so we'll see if I have the patience for it.

Sorry if I owe you an e-mail. My Internet response time is down to a crawl right now.
Tags: dear internet

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