Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Feeling anti-social again.

Today was Club Day at DeAnza. All the little student organizations and associations get a table at the center of campus and try to recruit members to their group for Christians, Atheists, Chinese, Rock Climbers, etc. Seeing the tables always bums me out a little. I'd love to join one of the groups and be able to play board games during my breaks (yes, there's an International Board Game club) or go on weekend excursions to Yosemite with the Outdoor Club, but where's my time to do this stuff? When I'm not in class, I'm eitehr studying my books or working at one of my jobs. I don't have time to see the friends I already have; is there any point to fostering new relationships I'll never be able to maintain?

Oh well. What else did I do today besides spend ten minutes wallowing in self-pity because I am antisocial? I had a midterm in Archaeology. I think I did very well. I was in and out like lightning, bam bam! 40 questions. Completed in ten minutes. That's what, fifteen seconds a question? It was an open-note exam, but I didn't even need the notebook. I cracked it open once or twice just to double-check an answer, but it was just confirmation. It was a ridiculously easy exam. Heck, I even spotted an error the teacher had made when he set up one of the questions. I rock.

My Accounting midterm from last Tuesday? That one didn't go so well. I got a 74%, which given I had missed at least four class sessions in two weeks is not bad. I mean, not awesome, but passing, which was all I expected. But the teacher grades on a curve, and our class performed so poorly she decided to add ten extra points to every exam. My score went shooting upwards 20% to a comfortable 94%. What's that, an A? Sweet! Of course, the bitch of getting an A is that you have to maintain it, but I'm happy, of course.

Next Tuesday is my next midterm, this time in Statistics. Fun!
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