Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Obama & the Nobel Peace Prize, 2009

So President Barack Obama has won the Nobel Peace Prize.
"Members of the Norwegian Nobel Committee said their choice could be seen as an early vote of confidence in Obama intended to build global support for his policies."

I'm sorry. Accomplishments are what we should be honoring with the Nobel Peace Prize, not intentions.* Obama has done a great many things, some of them good and some of them bad, but I honestly can't think of anything he's done that warrants the Nobel. He's improved our standing in the Muslim world, but that was not a particular merit of his Presidential policies, but the result of:
A/ He has a Muslim background, so he's more likely to understand their background
B/ He's a man of color
C/ Obama burps sparkling bubbles, farts rainbows and rides unicorns. People just love him. (EDIT TO ADD: ALSO HE POOPS GOLD.)

and perhaps the biggest contributing factor is simply

I say this as a huge Obama fan. I love the guy. But he's been in office for less than a year. When he was nominated, he was in office for like two weeks. I feel like people around the world are doing their darnest to turn Obama into a symbol for everything good and proper, but he's not the Messiah. He's not a savior or a superhero. He's just a man like any other, and at some point we're all going to have to realize that he's human and can't live up to all the expectations and desires and wishes and hopes we've piled on his shoulders.

* Although according to this article, intentions are just fine for a Peace Prize.
Tags: nobel peace prize, obama

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