Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

School's canceled! Hooray!

OK, I know that those of you who live in snowier climes are probably rolling your eyes as I say this, but school was canceled today due to the rain.
I'm very excited. I had a Statistics midterm today, and now I have a whole extra day to Not Study for it!!!

It's utterly wussy not to have class because of rain. I freely admit it. But the power's out and everything in our classrooms now revolves around technology, so if I went out to campus I'd just be sitting on my bum, in the dark, staring at the teacher struggling to demonstrate problems without the aid of powerpoint and projectors. It'd be tragic, so I will kindly spare my teachers the trauma.

So do I buckle down and get caught up on my studies, or spend a restful day off vegging? Decisions, decisions...
Tags: deanza, rained out

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