Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Life sucks.

What a nasty week.

Four midterms, one of which I didn't even find out about until this Monday!
Monday the 26th - Accounting
Wednesday the 28th - Art History (Modern)
Thursday the 29th - Archaeology
Friday the 30th - Statistics

I feel so burned out, but at least there's only one more to force myself through.


In other news, there was an event at DeAnza for transfer students today, so I talked to representatives from San Jose State, San Francisco State, and CSU East Bay. Sounds like my plan for a double major may get scuttled; apparently the schools are really cracking down on students spending an extra year at university to get extra degrees. Man. That sucks. The best chance I would have would be at East Bay, but that's my back-up back-up school. It's geographically inconvenient, and hasn't got a reputation that can compare with other schools. I mean, I only know one person who ever went there. But they're the only school that doesn't currently have a policy in place against second bachelor's degrees.

San Jose State is still my first choice, though, since it's close to home. SFSU is the convenient back-up, but I might have to quit my job at RHA to go there, and I would genuinely hate to do that.

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