Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Weekly Update, November 1st - 7th

It was a quiet week in San Jose, at least on my part. I had a painting project due in my Color class on Wednesday, and my project was well-received. It wasn't exciting; we had to do color charts based on the Munsell Color system, starting with grayscale and working with a certain hue to maximum saturation based on the value. I chose yellow because it was the easiest - or, at least, it would have fewer squares to blend and paint. It turned out OK; the painting was a little sloppy because I can't control a brush for the life of me but not bad. When we hung the paintings in class, it was really interesting because you could see that some people really struggle with the concept of value. But most of the paintings were really good, and made me wish I'd picked a more challenging color. The majority of the class went with blue or green. I overheard several people saying stuff like "Oh, the yellow one looks really good" while they were in front of mine, so that was uplifting. There's one guy in the class who is really good with paint and color - he finishes the assignments in a single day and spaces out during the lectures, but still does just fine - and I saw him talking to another student about my color grid and giving it a thumbs-up. That was a mood lifter, since he can be really critical when he thinks you've done something wrong.

I had several assignments that I had neglected to turn in for my painting class, so I got those to my teacher and that was a relief, too.


Last night Seanie and I went over to Bonbon's house for tea. That was fun. Her apartment is really cute. She works at Teavana so she had a bookshelf that was competely filled with Teavana tea tins; it was amazing. It was a very last minute thing; she texted me around 8 or so to see if I wanted to come over and eat brownies and drink tea (but of course I want to) and we headed over right around 10. It's nice having one of my co-workers living out in my area of town; most of the rest of the Lush crew live out by Valley Fair so last-minute visits are a much more difficult proposition.


The Manager at RHA is going to be gone for a few weeks on a cruise. Lucky guy. I'm jealous. It's his first big vacation since he started here, and it's going to be weird not having him around. Hopefully nothing major happens while he's away.

Ooh! One of the residents just offered me a free lunch, so I gotta go mooch. :D Talk to ya later, Internet!

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