Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

It's a little hectic this weekend.

I got to work at RHA this morning and as I sat down at my desk, I realized that I had completely forgotten my purse, which contains my wallet and my day planner. That is really, really bad because I cannot live without my day planner. My life has become so strictly regulated that I need to have that thing with me hour-by-hour to determine what needs to get done. When I'm not following the precisely regimented days, chaos ensues.

I'm trying to remember what I planned to do today while I was at RHA: work on my biography of Joan Miro for art class, read a couple of chapters in my archaeology book to prepare for the midterm on Tuesday, finish some online problems for my Acct1C class, and apply to the EOPS programs at SJSU and SFSU. Tons of stuff. Then I realize that I didn't dress in proper dress code for Lush, so I'll have to go home during the break between the two jobs to get my clothes. THEN I realize I didn't decorate the t-shirt Debbie gave me for the Lushgiving party. (We're supposed to decorate the shirt with one of the charities supported by Lush.) So I'm feeling a little overwhelmed by it all.

I obviously need to cut back on something, and the quick answer would be time spent working at Lush. I really like my co-workers and the job itself can be quite fun, but it's a huge time commitment (12+ hours a week plus outside time for projects like carving pumpkins, decorating t-shirt, memorizing new product information, etc) and I can see my job performance suffering with every shift. When I come in for an evening shift, after a full day at school or RHA, I'm often so tired I can't remember basic things, like ingredients in a lotion or why using a toner is so important, and it can really hurt my customers' experiences.

But the money I make at Lush is being scrimped and saved toward my future SJSU tuition, which keeps on rising every semester. (I am trying to avoid student loans at all costs.) The products are great and there's no way I could afford them without the employee discount, so I'm quite reluctant to give that up. My co-workers are all lovely people, and talking with them is (unfortunately) the only real socializing I do these days!

It would be better if I could give away a shift once in a while, when I'm scheduled the night before an exam, but we're so tightly staffed that it's virtually impossible. The last two-three weeks I've been unsuccessful in every attempt to get another keyholder to work for me.

Well, we'll see. Debbie said she would only schedule me four days a week when school's out, which on the surface doesn't sound too bad, but I work three days at RHA so we're essentially looking at a seven day work week, and I've been doing that all quarter long. (School counts as a job, and this quarter it's been a friggin' tough and demanding one!) A Saturday afternoon or Wednesday morning off isn't the same as a whole day off, no matter how much I want it to be.

I'll figure it out later. Right now I've got to get back to studying, and helping the residents renting the Clubhouse today figure out how they're going to squeeze a wedding into the building this afternoon.

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