Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Mom's Travels: THAT SUCKS

In case I didn't tell you, my Mom's traveling abroad for a month. She left about a week ago (two weeks ago?) and won't be back until December 15th. She's been in Morocco, which she left yesterday, but not before this ordeal:

Well, today was one of those days you want to forget. American Airlines messed up my reservations so i ended up at the Casablanca airport without a ticket. The Iberia clerks sent me back and forth to buy another ticket and the clerk demanded cash. he said the cost was 4380 dh which is about 600 dollars. Luckily I had my Citibank cash withdrawl high enough so I got the money. The real cost was 2480 dh but he hid the receipt and just gave it to another clerk as I checked in and ran on the plane. So I got royally cheated but at least I got on the plane.

A very nice clerk at Iberia got the plane tickets fixed so i don´t have to buy separate tickets to everwhere else. I´ve written to Iberia about the cheating but other than getting American to pay for the real price of the flight, it looks like i´ve added to the pockets of one of the Iberian clerks in Casablanca. Perhaps my letters to American and Iberia will bring some results. Cheryl says to be consoled that i´m not still in Casablanca, alone!

We go to South Africa tomorrow night. One day in Madrid.


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