Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

What holiday?

Thanksgiving was pretty subdued. Mom's in Africa; Dad and Kenny went down to Southern California to visit my grandfather so it was just me at home. If this happened in the past, I'd usually go to dinner with Seanie's family, but this year I had a mountain of homework so I locked myself up in my house and ate instant food. Seanie brought some leftovers over, though, so I did get some turkey and stuffing in the end.

The holiday is all about the food though. At work the next day, the first question everyone always asked was "So what did you eat for Thanksgiving?" Hmm. Makes me hungry.

Black Friday wasn't as busy as we hoped. People were coming in, but a lot of the customers I helped weren't really in the holiday mindset yet. They were in the mood to shop for great deals or small gifts for themselves, but not quite in Christmas mode yet. Maybe I was just fishing a bad batch from the customer pool. At any rate, sometimes it felt like we were overstaffed at Lush, but sometimes we'd get a rush and need every soul in the store.

Seanie came to pick me up after work, so we went scouting out the mall for any deals. Most of the really good promotions ended at noon, so there wasn't much to entice us into the stores.
Lupicia had some really tasty looking holiday teas. White Christmas is back this year - white chocolate and apricot, it's SUPER yummy - as is strawberry-flavored Carol. There's a new tea called Orzo Cioccolata that looks a little different. It's barley tea with a chocolate/hazelnut flavor. I'm all over that one! But the Black Friday promo was over and I just bought some tea to help me get to sleep at night, so no purchase for me.
There's a new fancy chocolate/coffee shop. I can't remember the name, Belgian something. They're very expensive (although elegantly presented) and they weren't offering samples of any sort so Seanie and I didn't try anything. (I was totally stuffed anyway thanks to our store's potluck. Eggrolls, pizza and cheesecake, oh my!)

I found my old B&BW store manager Lisa working at L'Occitane. That was cool! I haven't seen her in a couple of years, but she said she looks for me when she walks by Lush. :-p I think I'd been working at Lush between six months and a year when she left B&BW? Anyway. That was neat. She and Renee, another former B&BW manager, work right next to each other, managing stores across the mall from each other. How funny that we're all at Valley Fair now. The management team of Lisa, Renee and Deborah was probably the longest lasting of all the bosses I had at B&BW, which has a horrible turnover rate.

Seanie bought a Playstation 3 yesterday, so he brought it over and we played Little Big Planet. Only the first level - I couldn't play more because I was sleepy and had homework to worry about. But someday soon my little Penguin Khan is going to take over the world!

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