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The school year's wrapping up, so let's eat!

Last night was SO much fun. In my color design class, we were working on book binding. I had been dreading this week all quarter because I'm not much of a crafter, but after making the covers on Monday proved to be so much fun I figured the assembly wouldn't be worth much stress. Attitude makes such a difference in that class, too. When I come into a project expecting it to be boring, it is (for example, painting color wheels, ugh!) but if I'm chill and relaxed it usually turns out OK. Anyway. Our teacher Miki demonstrated how to do the bookbinding with a sample set of boards and then we were set loose to make it work for ourselves. Since the drilling station (gotta drill the holes in the spine for the thread to sew the book together!) was at my table, I could see everyone coming over to do their books. There were some straggler students who didn't even have their book covers completed, and there were others who didn't work on it at all. But for the most part it looked like everyone was doing a nice job - if nothing else, there were no obviously f'd up cover boards.

My book, assembled:



The purple cover was originally designed for the front, but due to an error in measurement it got regulated to the back. Argh.

Since I finished up my own book pretty quickly, I spent the second half of the class helping other people sew their covers and hunting for runaway needles. (Miki had a very strong fear that if we left a single needle in the classroom, another student in a different class would stab his eye out with it somehow.) (It could happen.) Between chatting and clean-up, a couple of my classmates and I stayed really late, at least an hour after class ended. So Miki said "You guys wanna go get something to eat?" and Darby and I are like "Sure! Food! Sounds great!" It took us another ten minutes to figure out a place that was open at 10:30pm, but finally we decided to meet up at Quickly after Darby and I took one of our classmates home. (Re: Classmate. Crazy kid planned to walk home in really cold temperature, and he lived an hour and a half away from school. He had no cell phone. It would have been nearly midnight by the time he got to his door. Crazy idea much?)

We get back to Quickly and the menu is about 100x bigger than I remembered, so by the time we decided it was probably about 10:45-10:50. The girl at the register seemed hella pissed that we were ordering food AND drinks ten minutes before closing. I'm pretty sure that if she has a shit list, Miki, Darby and I are sitting pretty on top of it. She was rude and unfriendly...but to be fair, I'm pretty much the same way towards the end of an eight-hour shift at Lush so I can't blame her too much. I also passionately hated last minute customers when I worked at Sunrise Bakery, and would glower at them as they tried to decide which crummy cake to take home because they forgot their wife's birthday. Anyway. Miki is a doll and picks up the tab, and the three of us decide to go back to the classroom to eat because there is literally NOWHERE else to go. Cupertino just shuts down after 10.

So we're sitting in one of the art classrooms, eating and laughing and chatting, until well past midnight. We talked about our classmates, because after having 2-3 quarters of classes with the same teachers with the same general pool of students, you get to know everyone a little bit, but when you compare gossip notes with other people you can more fully round them out. Also talked about going to school/living in other countries (Darby's from Vietnam and Miki's from Japan) and other art classes we're taking, etc. Miki was looking at her class roster lists for next quarter and it looks like she'll have about a third repeat students in each of her classes, so that's pretty cool. I'm taking her next quarter for Intermediate Drawing, and everyone else I usually sit with in the color class - Ano, Ryan and Darby - are all taking her Representational drawing class. She just can't get rid of us!

Next week is the last week of the quarter! I can't wait for my other classes to end, but I'm going to be really sad when this Design & Color class is over. It's just been such a fun mix of students. It's been inspiring, too, because I can see how good other people my age are and it makes me want to try harder and branch out. Next quarter I'm taking an acrylic painting class because after seeing how poorly I painted in this class, I want to do better. Maybe six months ago I would've just said "F*ck it. I'm not doing that again!" but instead I want to try again. That's a different approach for me. (I'm still not brave enough to try ceramics yet, though. :-p Maybe if someone takes it with me I'll do it...)

When I finally got home around one, I sent Seanie a quick text to let him know what I'd done, figuring he'd read it when he woke up the next morning. Instead, he called me back demanding to know why I was going out late at night to eat dinner with other boys. Oh brother. I had to explain that we had gotten food with my TEACHER and he was still huffy. This morning I got an email and a text apologizing for being a crazy possessive weirdo, though, so it's all good.
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