Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Downtown Mountain View's friggin' awesome, in case you didn't know.

Yesterday was nice and quiet at RHA. No events, and not too many people coming through. Peaceful and serene. I did have a couple of homeowner-related projects to work on, so I couldn't goof off completely, but it was nice.

I'm listening to an audiobook of Walden and I have to admit, hearing the book is a lot easier than reading it. I mean, I thought the book was a friggin' SNORE when I read it in high school. I've either matured (unlikely) or Thoreau's words are easier for me to digest if I hear them. Hmmm...I suppose years of listening to Lee Stetson read the writings of John Muir may have helped bring my inner Transcendentalist to surface, too.

After work I picked up Bonbon from Valley Fair and we went up to Castro Street in downtown Mountain View for a fun evening. Bonbon, a recent transplant from Arizona, had never been to the area before. We had dinner at Amarin Thai, which was crazy busy. No wonder, it turns out, since the restaurant has one 'best in Mountain View' awards ten times in a row! It took a while to get a seat, but the food was excellent. I had Honey Beef and I think I'd be happy eating that every day for the rest of my life. (And hey! It turns out there's an Amarin in San Jose down on Prospect. Looks like I might have to go get some ASAP :-p )

After eating, we went shopping at Therapy (an Urban Outfitters-esque trendy boutique) where Bonbon found some crazy peacock leggings and I found part of my Secret Santa's gift. I wanted to buy this cute bolero jacket (Jeannie, you would have TOTALLY approved of my clothing choices for once!) but the stitching on the right arm was slightly off, which screwed up the way it hung on the body. Bummer!

We also hit up East West Bookstore, home of the esoteric and the strange, but they didn't have anything that really screamed AWESOME BUY ME NOW!!! this trip. I saw a couple of really cute teasets, but until I move out into an home of my own I just can't justify buying more clutter. (Heck, even after I move out I probably won't be able to justify clutter. Pumpkin demands a clutter-free zone.)

The last stop (because it was already 10:45 and everything else was closing up for the evening) was Bookbuyers. I didn't see anyone working there that I knew (but to be fair, it's been two or three years since I worked at the San Jose branch...) but I did buy two more volumes from the Classics of Western Spirituality series. I thought about grabbing some manga, too, but Mom would kill me if she came back from her trip to India and realized I had spent all of her store credit. As long as I steal it in small, infrequent twenty dollar increments she'll never catch on :-p Bonbon bought Whale Rider.
I saw a bunch of ballet/opera DVDs that I thought about buying (Baryshnikov! How do I resist?) but they were all $20+ and I'm a cheap Asian in the end, so they stayed on the shelves.

We didn't make it to Global Beads before it closed, alas. I want to try and get there before Christmas, get some fancy beads to work into an art sketchbook I'm working on. But that's OK. I dropped enough money for one day, since during my lunch break I went to Target so I could buy holiday-themed Hershey's Kisses.

- Irish Creme Kisses - tastes weird. Really artificial flavor. But it totally smells like alcohol, so it's kinda convincing.
- Mint Truffle Kisses - the mint is REALLY strong. You can taste it for days after the candy's been eaten. It's almost got toothpaste potency. I wonder if Hershey's made the regular mint kisses this year that come in the green diamond foil? Those were so much better.
- Candy Cane Kisses - Still the best holiday kiss by far!

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