Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

so you got the moves but have you got the touch?

What's up?
Oh, just the usual. I ran away from school again. Heidi was running late, so she picked me up late, so we drove past Branham and her parking spot was taken - and, as you know, if you can't park in your unofficial parking space than you simply can't go to school - so all of a sudden we appear at Heidi's best friend Melissa's house.
Me: Wow, so is her house small?
Heidi: Actually, it's pretty big.
Me: **thinking as we enter** Man, look how shrimpy this place is.
So not only do I finally meet Melissa, the often-mentioned best friend, but I get to meet David, Heidi's latest love/lust interest. (Heidi goes through these guys like popcorn, seriously. Mwaugh!) We hung around while Melissa finished primping and David finished smoking, and then we hopped into cars and drove to a Starbucks so Melissa and David could smoke some more. (Why was I there again?) David had some sort of exam today at West Valley, so he was mad-studying for it. I was bored out of my skull, and actually missing Mrs. Prates. This never happens.
Thankfully, at ten o'clock Melissa and David had to get to class so we were free to leave. Laaaa...we went to Barnes and Nobles (book store) and I read a ton of manga to kill time. Fushigi Yugi #5 & #6, Ceres:Celestial Legend #1, and Revolutionary Girl Utena #1. I would've kept going, but at that point Heidi was really ready to go home.
She drove me home veeeeeery slowly, so that my dad wouldn't notice that I was home early. (He still did, so I told him we didn't hit any traffic lights. That technically is not a lie...if he assumed that I meant the Butler took me home, that's his issue, not mine.)
On the way home, I was trying to explain what I thought of Melissa and David, and I used the phrase "culture shock," which was very inaccurate but more complimentary than anything else I could think of. What I meant, more or less, was "low class." I was mentally comparing them to the people I prefer to hang out with, and the folks that I grew up with, and that's all I could come up with. (I'm really hoping Heidi doesn't read this, because I'm going to be really mean in about one sentence.)
They were poor. They were dull. They didn't have anything going for them. Oh, they were going to be EMTs. Big whoop. You don't get big money for that. (Yes, I'm superficial. Money counts loads, baby.) You're not an artist, so you aren't creating something beautiful for the world. If you aren't making the art and you aren't paying for the art, what good are you, anyway? (Me being mean today. Yeeeesss...) They're sitting there smoking while trying to get some sort of medical education - am I the only one thinking this is bizarre? It's like finding out the surgeon who is about to cut you up had a D average in medical school.
Maybe I'm being too harsh on them. Maybe I'm too picky. But I wasn't impressed...not a bit. In my mind, I keep contrasting to when I've met Kitty's friends, or I met Kathy's amigos; these people had personalities that weren't all pegs cut to fit into society's holes. (Or, if they were, they were going to make lots of money in that hole. I can deal with rich pegs.) But these guys...meh. Just don't impress me much.
On a side note, Melissa is really friendly and nice. Maybe it was just David who was dull...Melissa's very huggy, though.
Melissa: *hugs me goodbye*
Me thinking to myself: I don't even hug my grandmother half the time...
In other news, Plushy-sama's butt looks exceptional today. ^_^ Not really, I just couldn't go an entry without mentioning him. I'm mad because he was on TV this past weekend and I missed it. Enjoy my favorite picture of him instead...(which does not even include his butt!)

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