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Christmas Wishlist 2009 - I got a case of the gimme gimmes!

I feel like I'm running a little late on Christmas this year. Yeah, the decorations are up at the mall and we're selling giftsets like hotcakes at Lush, but I'm just not feeling it. Maybe it's because my mother isn't home to put up our Christmas tree and recruit Kenny and I to accompany her shopping. But I'm just not feeling the Christmas urgency, even though we've officially only got 15 days left for shopping.

So I haven't started my Christmas shopping, and I suspect that many of my friends haven't, either, because I haven't seen any wishlists floating around except Kero's. But the deadline for ordering on-line goods is rapidly approaching, so tonight I'm goin to stop procrastinating and get that wishlist made.

First up, it's time for my annual request for charitable donations. I have plenty of stuff, but a lot of other people lost jobs this year and can no longer provide for their families. Let's show 'em a little love, OK? I think I had between $150-$200 donated to various charities last year, and that was AWESOME, but let's see if we can top it this year, all you crazy rock stars? So my favorite charities:

- Heifer International:
Give cute animals to needy families, providing a long-term solution to poverty and hunger. As families grow prosperous they pass this gift on to others.
- Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Clara County:
One of the local charities I support, they help feed the needy right here in San Jose.
- Bicycles for Humanity:
This is a new charity for 2009. I found out about them through Lush, who supports them through sales of the Charity Pot Body Lotion. They collect and ship old bikes to Africa and teach local women to repair them, thus providing transportation to impoverished people (enabling them to to do things like get clean water, gather firewood, etc by biking rather than walking, which literally takes from sunrise to sunset) and giving many women a respectable career and alternative to prostitution.
- Amazon Conservation Team:
Another organization I found through Lush's Charity Pot. This organization is really cool because while they focus on conservation and pro-environment causes, they do it by working with the people living in the Amazon. I mean, if you can't work with local Indians and get them to stand up for the rainforest, your effort is bound to fail in the long run. It's really cool what they've been able to do.

So, you know the drill! Make a charitable donation to one of these fine organizations and I'll feel warm and fuzzy inside. Great! Have a Happy Christmas!!!




For some reason, people always want to put stuff under the tree for me to unwrap and go "Ooooo! Wow! Neat-o! Awesome!" I can understand this - I do have an awesome selection "Wow! Thank you! So cool!" expressions to make. But the problem is, all the things that I really truly wish for are SUPER expensive, and I'd have a year long guilt trip if someone actually got it for me! So I'm sticking them at the bottom of my list, which is arranged by price point simply because...well, I figure it makes it easier for the people reading. Once you reach your limit, you don't have to read anymore! It's simple and easy!

Category titles come from a training session at either Lush or Bath & Body Works; can't remember which store used these phrases but I thought they were FUNNY AS HECK whenever I tried to use them on the sales floor.

Also, note: Books. Used copies are grand. Really. Maximize your spending potential and go for used :D

Under $20 ~ The Nice Gesture
A History of Private Life, Vol. I edited by Philippe Arias

Panthon Fairy Tales - used copies available for <$10
Folktales from India by Ramanujan
The Norse Myths by Crossley-Holland
Latin American Folktales by Bierhorst
Afro-American Folktales by Abrahams - I wonder if 'Afro-American' is permissible terminology these days...probably not.
Legends and Tales of the American West by Erdoes
Swedish Folktales & Legends by Blecher
Northern Tales by Howard Norman

Fire in the City by Lauro Martines

The Pirate Queen by Susan Ronald

Ascending Chaos: The Art of Masami Teraoka

Curious Myths of the Middle Ages by Sabine Baring-Gould

MicaColor Watercolor Palette (or any metallic/mica watercolors you can find)

Wii Nunchuk Controller x 1

31 Months in Japan: The Building of a Theme Park by Larry + Lorna Collins

Lars and the Real Girl DVD

Wii Fit Plus

$20 - $75 ~ The Lovely Gifts
Ruling from the Dragon Throne by John E. Vollmer

The Last Egyptian by L. Frank Baum

Fashion at the Edge: Spectacle, Modernity & Deathliness by Caroline Evans VIP Membership - I think you have to buy a gift certificate; if you buy a VIP Membership it'll be applied to your account, not mine.

Shelley Devall's Faerie Tale Theatre: The Complete Collection

Hidden Meaning in Chinese Art

$80+ Beautiful Memories

Wii Sports Resort w/ 2 MotionPlus

History's Beauties: Women and the National Portrait Gallery

The Beatles Stereo Box Set

Rosetta Stone Spanish Level 1 (or Level 2 and Level 3) -

22" Waist Cincher from Dark Garden. I don't know if these guys do gift certificates, but I would assume they must. Doesn't everyone, now?

Seriously, though. Can you imagine talking to a customer like this? "Let me show you this giftset here. The one you were looking at is a nice gesture, but if you want to make beautiful memories this Christmas you should consider this lovely set here." It's impossible for me to do with a straight face.
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