Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Trying to get things organized!

Tuesday was pretty busy. In the morning I went up to San Francisco with my brother to visit my uncle. I had not seen my uncle in quite some time - since July perhaps? - so it was really nice to get a chance to catch up with him.

We had some inheritance business to take care of first from when my grandmother passed away back in May. So we went down to the bank and closed out some accounts, nothing too fancy or complicated. I won't say how much money I received, because that's crass and the Internet far too public a place to mention it, but if I decide that it's too stressful to work two jobs next year I can quit one and be financially stable so long as I made no major lifestyle changes, like moving out. But I want to put these funds, along with some Christmas money from my grandfather, aside to pay for future education and/or a house, so I'll probably continue working all over the place for quite some time to come.

After taking care of that business, we went out for a late breakfast and ate huge plates of french toast. Delicious! I could eat that every morning, seriously. Just hanging out and talking was pretty cool. Kenny had to get back home for a final and I had work that evening at Lush, so we went home after the meal, and my uncle went off to work. (He's a BUSY guy. Works crazy long days and then goes on pioneer-recreation camping trips on the weekends.)

Work was very busy. We made double our original daily goal, and got ourselves caught up for the month. If we can just keep having these crazy crowds for the rest of December, we'll bonus like gangbusters.

I'm also very impatiently waiting for my grades at DeAnza. My goal was to have over a 3.0 GPA at the end of this quarter, and one would think this would not be difficult but I am a lazy idiot so it's entirely possible I won't make it. Oh well, I've still got two quarters to try and fix things. 3.0 is plenty good for a non-impacted major transfer, anyway!

Boxes keep rolling in from all over the Internet. Christmas gifts are arriving and will need to be wrapped up next week!

Can't believe next week is Christmas. I'm so not ready!

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