Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Ah...Christmas roundup!

I am so happy that Christmas is over!

I mean, don't get me wrong. I love spending time with everybody and having days off from work. But there's so much stress and build-up to the holiday as you rush around getting presents for all the people on your list! It's just so relaxed when the holiday has passed and you have that golden week between Christmas and New Year's and it feels like you have no worries at all.


So what did I do for Christmas? Let me think.

My parents left for Southern California on Christmas Eve so they could spend the holiday with my grandfather. I was scheduled to work, so I couldn't go, but hopefully I'll make the trip in January. I spent most of the day quietly, reading and getting caught up on all my mail and bills. It was a lovely day off after working six days in a row at RHA. Later in the evening Seanie came over and we exchanged gifts, because I WANTED TO OPEN A PRESENT. He got me a TALKING WOODY DOLL so now I can pull Woody's string and have him say 'YOU'RE MY FAVORITE DEPUTY' to me all day long. AWESOME. I love Toy Story! He also donated $50 to charities, as I requested on my holiday wishlist :D He spent waaaaay more on me than I did on him, oops. I feel a little guilty about that. I got him a copy of Peter and the Sword of Mercy, a Peter Pan sequel, and Urawaza, a book about "every day tips and tricks from Japan". Seanie likes Japan, after all.
I had also ordered him a Pacman t-shirt, because I always order him Pacman or Ghostbusters tees for gifts, but it hasn't arrived yet. So he'll get that later.

Christmas Day we spent up at the V&R Ranch, also known as Seanie's parents' house. It was a pretty full house once everyone had arrived - Val and Ron (Sean's parents), Uncle Darrell, Aunt Dianna, Darrell's son Mark and his wife Holly, and their two children, Terry and Rhi, and Jared. The only person missing was Jared's wife Karyn, who had to work and was flying between somewhere in Canada and Minnesota :( Dianna and Val made fritters for breakfast (but it was well past noon when we ate them, so I guess it was for lunch? Then we went down to the stables so that the Dianna's grandchildren could ride Val's horses.

Unwrapping presents took up most of the day - I wish I had my photos uploaded, there were just MOUNTAINS of gifts under and surrounding the tree - and everyone got really cool stuff! Seanie's parents got him an Xbox and he FLIPPED OUT HE WAS SO EXCITED BOUNCING OFF THE WALLS OMG OMG OMG!!!! His parents were really generous, actually - they gave Terry some fancy tools, Jared a special stool for his workroom/garage, and for me there was an $80 donation to Heifer International, a book of American West legends and Wii Sports Resort!

What else did I get?
Terry/Rhi - Wii Fit Plus, Lars and the Real Girl DVD and The Last Egyptian by L. Frank Baum
Jared/Karyn - Folktales from India and an IOU for Fashion at the Edge: Spectacle, Modernity and Deathliness.
Darrell/Dianna - donation to Second Harvest Food Bank
Val/Ron - in addition to the items already mentioned, there was some candy and little tools in my Christmas stocking

It was a pretty sweet haul, I must say! Seanie and I gave as good as we got, I hope. This was the first year Seanie had a 'real' job so we could actually afford to get nice things for everyone, for once.

There were a lot of IOUs since the storms on the East Coast delayed the arrival of a lot of the packages.

Dinner was from La Villa and consisted of raviolis and lasagna. Not being a person who appreciates the fine flavor of cooked tomato, I could have done without the red sauce but even I have to admit that the food was decent. Sean LOVES the raviolis and probably would have eaten three times as many had I not been there to stop him.

Speaking of Seanie, hopefully he'll get around to uploading the photographs from Christmas soon!
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