Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

New Year's Resolution 2009 Critique

So my New Year's Resolution for 2009 was pretty simple. Use more paint on face and paper. Basically, be more creative.

Did I meet this goal? Eh, kinda. I never returned to wearing make-up regularly, which was too bad, and a couple of times that I should have gone full face I didn't. But I did wear contacts more often, which was good, and I spent more time playing dress up for Lush parties and faires and that sort of thing than I probably have in the last two-three years combined. So that was pretty cool.

I did spend a lot more time making art in 2009, so that was pretty swell. Granted, a lot of it was for classes - I had a design class during both the spring & fall quarter - but still. Exercising the creative muscle after letting it sit dormant for years was pretty cool.

Overall, it's just baby steps, but every little step helps!


Any resolution I make this year I'll probably mess up in five minutes, but maybe I'll break down later and make some goals anyway.

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