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Disney Animated Movies ~ Gotta Watch 'Em All!

So one of the projects Seanie and I are working on in 2010 - almost a New Year's Resolution/Challenge - is to watch all of Disney's 'Canon' Animated Movies. We love animation and we love good storytelling, and Disney often manages to include both in their theatrical releases. (The direct-to-video sequels? Not so much.) The checklist of movies that I'm using comes straight from Wikipedia but I'm assuming the list is pretty standardized since it follows Disney's numbering system.

Seanie and I watched several of the Princess movies last year, so I don't know if we'll re-watch them again this year.

* = I've seen the movie before
** = I've seen the movie in the past year

1. Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs**
2. Pinocchio*
3. Fantasia**
4. Dumbo*
5. Bambi*
6. Saludos Amigos
7. The Three Caballeros
8. Make Mine Music
9. Fun And Fancy Free
10. Melody Time
11. The Adventures Of Ichabod And Mr. Toad
12. Cinderella*
13. Alice In Wonderland*
14. Peter Pan**
15. Lady And The Tramp*
16. Sleeping Beauty**
17. 101 Dalmatians*
18. The Sword In The Stone
19. The Jungle Book*
20. The Aristocats
21. Robin Hood*
22. The Many Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh
23. The Rescuers
24. The Fox And The Hound
25. The Black Cauldron
26. The Great Mouse Detective
27. Oliver & Company
28. The Little Mermaid*
29. The Rescuers Down Under
30. Beauty And The Beast**
31. Aladdin**
32. The Lion King*
33. Pocahontas*
34. The Hunchback Of Notre Dame
35. Hercules**
36. Mulan*
37. Tarzan*
38. Fantasia 2000**
39. Dinosaur
40. The Emperor's New Groove*
41. Atlantis: The Lost Empire*
42. Lilo And Stitch*
43. Treasure Planet
44. Brother Bear
45. Home On The Range
46. Chicken Little
47. Meet the Robinsons
48. Bolt
49. The Princess and the Frog

There are several movies that I *think* I've seen, like The Sword and the Stone, but it's been so long that I honestly can't remember enough about the plot/characters/etc to count it.
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