Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Avenue Q - Traveling Show

Tonight Seanie and I saw Avenue Q at the Center for Performing Arts in downtown San Jose. It was the third time I'd seen the show; I saw it in Las Vegas in 2006 and in London in 2007. I probably wouldn't have bought the ticket individually, but it was part of the season's package so why not see it again? It's funny, after all. (Plus, I was curious to see who had replaced George W. Bush in the end song "For Now")

If you haven't heard of Avenue Q, it's been described as 'Sesame Street for adults' and....well, actually that's a pretty universal description. People manipulating puppets that sing about racism, pornography, and other adult themes romp about on stage, while between scenes animated segways reminiscent of childrens' TV shows play. It's a lot of fun with a ton of laughs.

In this particular show, Gary Coleman - yes, he's a character in the show - was played by a man, which was...interesting. In the original Broadway run, Gary was played by a woman and the part is written with a woman in mind (I think) and so this male Gary had some trouble hitting his notes. I mean, he did a decent job but it was more on the level I'd expect from a regional production, not a national tour. In fact, I think I'd say that about most of the vocals. The singers were OK, but none of them were great. I felt that both of the previous shows I saw had stronger singers with better vocal ranges. So that was a disappointment.

The story's still funny, the songs still crack me up and if I'd never seen the show I'd probably be happy as a clam. Oh well.

PS - For those who wonder, Bush's replacement in "For Now" was Glenn Beck.
Tags: avenue q, musicals, puppets, theatre

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