Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Wanna buy some foreclosed property?

Oh man, busy weekend.

Last week we found on Seanie's childhood home was being listed as a short sale house, and he thought it would be awesome to try and get it again. (His family was reluctant to sell it, I guess, but had to in order to pay for their ranch in Morgan Hill.) So we went and checked it out, and the house didn't seem to be in immediate danger of falling down so we were Very Interested. At 500K the price was pretty low (when his family sold it 5 years ago, they sold it for 700K) but of course, some quick calculations revealed it was out of our meager budgets.

So we went to visit his mother and proposed splitting the cost of the house. I'd cover the down payment and they would help with the monthly payments. Seanie's mother was interested (which is infinitely better than being shot down immediately) and said she'd look at her finances and see what she and her husband might be able to manage.

Mom was very much against the idea, but she could see it was something Seanie and I really, really wanted. When I told Dad on Sunday night about what Seanie and I were trying to organize, he suggested that perhaps Mom and him could buy the house. I darted a glance at my mother, who looked like a stormcloud.
"I don't think MOM likes that idea" I volunteered. Dutiful daughter and all.
"Well, maybe I can buy the house," Dad replied. He's awesome. I love my daddy. It was arranged that my mother would meet with the real estate agent today and view the house, and she would report back. So she did. It's hard to tell with Mom. She doesn't really like the house, and doesn't want to pay the full price for it because there will be repairs in the future. But honestly, ANYTHING that'll be remotely in Seanie/my price range is gonna be a crapshack, especially if we're trying to get something in a relatively nice neighborhood. Plus Mom is totally in denial about her Empty Nest syndrome.


I mean, don't get me wrong. I do like living at home. It's cheap and easy and I don't have to worry about a lot of things. But my room is overflowing with my stuff, and there's not much I can do about it except get rid of it...and like a spoiled child, I don't want to!

My library's too big for my room. Sad, but true. It really needs its own room, or at least another bookshelf or two.

My bed is small and uncomfortable. We bought a new mattress a few months back, but it hasn't helped. My back still aches and it takes hours to fall asleep. (This may not be something that can be fixed in a new house, but at least in a bigger room I could have something besides a twin, which is horrible when both Seanie and I cram into it.)

There isn't a convenient place to work on art projects. My room's too small and full of stuff; I have no flat space. Many of the rooms in our house are poorly lit; the rooms with good natural light and/or decent electrical lights are the public ones, like the kitchen table or the living room. I can't leave my work out, so say I want to paint and I have three hours. It takes a good fifteen minutes to get set up, and an hour to clean-up/let paint dry. So after all that fuss and bother, I only have an hour and forty-five minutes to paint, and it usually takes me at least fifteen-twenty minutes to get into my groove. It's just so much fuss and bother for an hour of actual productive work. I don't have a proper place to store and organize my art supplies, so most of the time they're packed up and it's a hassle trying to track down what I did with the paints or where the paper I bought last semester ended up. Certain items I've got duplicates and triplicates, simply because I can't find what I need when it's required.

There's also the constant reminder from the parental tongue about how I should be done with school by now. Well no shit Sherlock, but I'm not. Get over it. The past can't be undone. I don't harp on my mother about how if she'd just retired a year earlier, as she had considered doing, she could have spent much of that year with her mother before she died, and wouldn't that have been nice? Instead she has to live with a lifetime regret that she neglected her mother. *shrug* We all make choices, and sometimes we regret them. BEST TO GET UP AND MOVE ON instead of constantly bringing them up.

Man, I sound so whiny. Anyway. So I would like to move out, and there's the slightest possibility that it may be happen soon.


PS - Yeah, I know, there's always the option of renting. But I just feel like that's tossing money in the garbage - I'm spending it but I don't get anything permanent for it. Even the money I waste on junk food leaves behind fats to clog my arteries...

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