Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Aunque corras, te escondas

I never really liked Spanish when I was taking it. Espanol isn't a terrible language, I suppose, it just wasn't what I had my heart set on learning. It's interesting, but I don't get all wrapped up in it the way I can with Japanese. I didn't mind learning it, but I didn't want to. Am I making any sense? I was apathetic on Spanish, I guess.
Apparently, I managed to absorb enough of it to be somewhat fluent (...or not) because I was listening to "Escapar" by Enrique Iglesias (I couldn't find the English version anywhere, and - call me a twit or a teenybopper or whatever - I like that song) and I was able to understand most of the song. I've only heard the whole English version two or three times, and bits and pieces on the radio, so I don't think it was just being able to match up the English to the Spanish. So I'm guessing that some of that language managed to stick. Wow.

Anyway, my room is clean. Very amazing. I might take pictures and build a small, simple website so people can see what it looks like. (And know just how much of an otaku freak I am...-_-) Anyone interested in that?

Short entry for a short day. Daylight savings ended on Saturday, and I am adjusting very badly to it. It's just one hour but it really throws my whole day off. Bleah...

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