Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Chinese New Year 2010: Year of the Tiger

 Sean and I had originally intended to go to San Francisco or on some sort of date today, but as the morning wore on we got extremely lazy and ended up lounging around the house doing very little.  We watched a documentary about the Moors' invasion of Spain, hosted by Bettany Hughes, and I officially want her job.  She gets to travel, research, write...I wonder if I could apply myself enough to be a scholar like her.
Probably not.  I'm waaaaaaaay too lazy.

To celebrate the Year of the Tiger (a little late on our part, eh?) my parents and my uncle decided we should have Sunday Dinner at a restaurant in Redwood City called Crouching Tiger.  (No, there's no 'Hidden Dragon' restaurant nearby.)  As we drove through the neighborhood, I realized it's been YEARS since I was in that part of the Bay Area...if I've ever been.  Maybe I haven't.  The downtown area looked pretty cute.  Might be worth driving up there during the day to explore sometime.

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