Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Privacy is important, but the newspaper boy isn't the one taking it away.

Had a really strange call from one of the RHA residents today. He was calling to tell me, the office assistant, that he no longer wished to receive the Los Gatos Times, a free newspaper. Apparently, receiving this weekly newsletter is a gross invasion of his privacy, and he will sue us (the homeowner association) if his house is broken into.
OK...paranoid much?

I tell him that I will report his request to the complex manager, but just out of curiosity has he tried contacting the Los Gatos Times' publisher to request his house no longer be included in their rounds? (Doesn't the direct approach usually work better?) This sets the guy off on a RANT about how he pays his dues [to the HOA] and why are these people distributing free newspapers around the property in the first place? I listen for a minute, and repeat that I'll inform the manager of his call. He again asks why these people are allowed to give out their newspapers, and I tell him that he'd have to ask the manager, because I don't know. He gets upset again and says that I should ask the manager so that next time he has this problem I can tell him why, then he hangs up.
Dude, it's not my job to get involved in security/traffic control issues. My jurisdiction ends at the Clubhouse wall.

Also, if you're concerned about privacy you should probably know that I can see your house on Google, as well as find your patent for a station wagon cover (a what?) from 1992, the $300 you donated to Barack Obama and $500 to Anna Eschoo in 2008, your place of employment, a description and location for another property you own (and details of modifications you made to it!), and minutes from a Court of Appeals case all in under five minutes. Just imagine what I could dig up with some patience. This was done with just your address, true, but the guy who throws the newspaper, albeit an unsolicited one, is not the one you should be worried about. In the hundreds of newspapers he delivers each day, I *highly* doubt your residence is going to stand out unless you do something to stand out.

Just sayin'.

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