Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Medical updates for all

My dad's down in Southern California with my grandfather. This is the e-mail he sent a few minutes ago:
On Friday, February 26, 24-hour hospice nursing care began for Granville due to his weakening condition.
David arrived on Friday evening and Bonny arrived on Saturday afternoon to spend the weekend with Granville.
The stormy weather meant a rough ride for us both. We look forward to a sunny day tomorrow.
Nancy sent a package of her artwork for Granville to enjoy.

Increasing deafness and shortness of breath hinder telephone conversations.
Granville's fingers shake too much to type easily, but with assistance he can send an occasional message.
Speaking is difficult with the oxygen tubes, so dictating responses to your emails is very slow.
Granville expresses particular thanks to the families of young children of Aliso Viejo campus of the Lutheran Church of the Cross, children who gave such pleasure to him and to Carol. He feels concern for these families as they try to raise young children in these difficult economic times. Granville first met Carol when she was teaching Sunday School at a mission church in Chickasha, Oklahoma.

The effort of getting up and down is exhausting, but sitting still is not so bad.
Granville is still working on
finishing up his historical study of Revolutionary War mariners and he has been
catching up on years of television that he missed before.
We hope all our correspondents enjoy good health and we appreciate your prayers and
kind thoughts toward our father Granville as he finishes out God's will for his life.


Bonny Miller and David Hough


Seanie's mother is also faring poorly this weekend. She went to the emergency room yesterday with Sean's father because of stomach cramps. She said that the pain was "worse than childbirth" so when the doctors were unable to determine the problem, she was scheduled for surgery this morning. They cut her open and, if I understand Seanie's messages correctly, removed her appendix and remove about a foot of both her large and small intestines, which had somehow gotten all knotted up together. (The appendix was healthy, but in the way, so snip! and out it goes.) He and his brothers are all down in the hospital with her now.

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