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01 March 2010 @ 11:57 pm
It's not a good time to be be related to me, or close to me.  
What a crazy weekend.

Mom flew up to Seattle on Thursday and came back home Sunday evening. She was originally going to attend a 'Wintergrass' event; some sort of convention/concert series tied to bluegrass. Unfortunately, on Friday she fainted at the convention, spent the evening at a local hospital, and the rest of the weekend resting in her hotel room. That blows.
She's more or less fine now. The doctors said she had been dehydrated and possibly a little sick with a minor cold or flu bug. She took two days off of work and will return to substitute teaching on Wednesday.

My father flew down to Southern California to be with his father on Friday afternoon. Grandpa has declined greatly since I saw him only two weeks ago. He's no longer able to speak more than a few words at a time, and his throat is always dry. He sleeps and drifts more and more. His nurses don't think he'll last the week. Daddy came home on Sunday evening, but drove back down this afternoon to wait out the end, I think.

Seanie's mother complained of nasty cramping Thursday afternoon, and went to the emergency room with her husband. A doctor looked at her but thought nothing serious was amiss, so he sent her home again with some painkillers. The next day the pain was just as bad - she described them as "worse than childbirth" - so Seanie's dad took her to the emergency room again. They remained overnight, and on Saturday morning they decided to cut her open to see what was wrong. Somehow her intestines had managed to tie themselves into a double-knot, so they had to cut out a 1' section of the small and large intestine as well as her appendix. (Nothing was wrong with the appendix, but it was in the way so out it came.) She is still in the hospital, with family going in and out to visit her.

My brother's healthy but he was stuck in Santa Cruz for most of the weekend due to the rain. That meant I had the house to myself, but I was home so infrequently it hardly mattered.
kerokerotab on March 3rd, 2010 03:47 am (UTC)
Oh man I hope your grandpa and seannie's mom get better!