Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Hanna House @ Stanford

I'm working on a paper about Frank Lloyd Wright's Honeycomb House, more commonly referred to as the Hanna House. We actually visited the house towards the beginning of February, but for some reason I never wrote about it here. I took some notes, but naturally didn't get around to working on the paper until yesterday afternoon. It's due tomorrow morning. Way to go, procrastination.

Anyway. So when we went to the Hanna House, Seanie had just gotten a new video camera. We arrived super early because traffic was much lighter than I'd expected, so he was experimenting with the camera while we waited for the tour to start. The result? An extremely dorky video of me talking about the house. Since I had not read up on the house before we arrived, I was pretty much making up everything I said on the fly, but some of it actually turned out to be true. So I guess that Modern Art History class last quarter was good for something, after all.

So yeah, in case you ever wondered what I sound like:


Fact-checking in the video:
- My teacher's name is, in fact, Debbie Pasturel.
- FLW was heavily influenced by Japanese architecture, but I haven't found anything that states Hanna House is especially Japanese
- Ugh, I wave my hands around too much. I guess that's not a fact...
- The Loma Prieta earthquake occurred right before the third game started of the 1989 World Series started, so no one was actually playing when it struck. The game was delayed for ten days due to the 'quake.
- I have seen no proof that Professor Hanna ran a 'Stanford Chess Club' but the Hanna family loved chess, and at one point owned over 50 sets of chess pieces.
- The giant stone urn that I refer to as being made of concrete is actually made out of stone. Also, not a birdbath.
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