Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Quickie update..! (Again)

Gee, it's been a while since I updated.
Well, I guess that's not much of a surprise. It's been a whirlwind sort of month.

Finals are in two weeks and I'm not ready. I feel like I'm practically drowning in assignments and papers. But I procrastinated a lot earlier this quarter, which didn't help.
Have to do a presentation on Wednesday, finish a paper, a final drawing, and several miscellaneous drawing assignments from throughout the quarter. Oh, and an extra credit museum project or two. Oh joy.

Grandpa's memorial service is next Saturday. I'm flying down with Seanie that morning, but flying back up in the evening because I need to do homework. The rest of the family be down there for about a week.

Listening to a recording of Sun Tzu's Art of War is really surreal when the reader is also the voice actor for Fat Tony on The Simpsons. I mean, Fat Tony would enjoy the book, don't get me wrong, but man it's weird.

Trying to make plans for a trip to Ashland in July. (I like planning very, very far in advance.) I wanted to go with DeAnza again, but unfortunately the trip is scheduled rather late in August and would take place during the first days of my fall semester. So that's not going to work out. It's really expensive to do it all myself though, because any moderately priced place within walking distance of the Shakespeare Festival is already booked, so Seanie and I can either go very expensive ($170+ a night) or drive into the downtown every day and hunt for parking. No fun.

Three more shifts left at Lush. I'm almost done, and terribly excited about it.

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