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20 March 2010 @ 09:56 pm
Grandpa's Memorial Service  
It was a crazy sort of day.
On Thursday, my Mom and Dad drove down to Southern California to begin the finalize the details of my grandfather's memorial service. They met my Aunt Bonnie down there, and started the process of sorting through Grandpa's things.

This morning Seanie, Kenny and I all flew down on an early flight for the service. Once we landed at John Wayne airport in Orange County, we took a cab to the church where the service would be. We arrived just in time. There was a decent turnout for the memorial service; a lot more people came for Grandpa then Grandma's service back in 2003. Of course, Grandpa was really active in his church, whereas Grandma had Alzheimer's and lived in a nursing home place for her final years. But it was nice to see that he'd had friends down there, and hear some of their stories about him. Kenny spoke during the Remembrances portion of the service. I wish I could say that I didn't because I was too distraught or something, but I was just too frazzled with school and never put any thought into what I would say, so I didn't. Such is life.

Photo of my grandfather from when he was at West Point

Photo of my grandfather in 2007

After the service there was a luncheon. Some of Grandpa's relations had come. I'm not quite sure what their connection was, some sort of cousins? Anyway, they grew up with my grandfather in Mississippi. We took a photo with them:

Left to right: me, Kenny, Bland Richardson (cousin, 88), Aunt Bonnie, John Richardson (cousin, 84), Mom, Dad

Seanie and I flew back to San Jose in the late afternoon. I think we got back around seven? It's the weekend before finals, so I needed to hole up and study. The rest of my family will stay for several days and probably head back on Wednesday, I think.
broken: extreme cuteliich on March 29th, 2010 06:09 am (UTC)
i am sorry to hear about your grandfather. in his picture from west point he looks so regal. but now he's up in heaven dancing with your grandmother! ^_^ awesome!!