Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Even the VIPs come to say goodbye to me!

So I'm on my second-to-last shift at Lush and it's a quiet night. Very few customers are coming in. Sam and I are training one of the new hires. A customer comes in and those two go off to talk to him, so when two women come in it's up to me to greet them.

We chat for a few minutes about a discontinued soap, and what fragrances would be similar. Basic shop talk. After a few minutes, the women introduce themselves.

Turns out one of these women is the WIFE OF LUSH'S CEO AND CO-OWNER OF THE COMPANY. Ms. W herself.
After she introduces herself, I'm like "Oh crud what do I do? Do I treat her like a normal customer? Do I stop doing the whole customer service song-and-dance? WHAT DO I DO???" while also thinking "Dude, shouldn't she know the products a little better since she owns the company?" But whatever. We talk about products some more, I help her find some things, she introduces herself to my co-workers, it's all cool.

(I actually met her back in 2006 during our grand-opening party, but she didn't remember me. Which is OK. I wouldn't remember me, either.)

Before Ms. W left, we took a photo with her so that
A/ We had proof she came into the store
B/ If anyone later thought it was an impersonator or something, we could be like "No, this is totally Ms. W."

Mia, Ms. W, Sam, me!

She said the store looked good, and all I can say is thank goodness we all had clean aprons for once!


Last Lush shift on Monday. So many mixed emotions about leaving!
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