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Sam! Sold! Surprise! Sex! Shotgun! Screen names!

What a busy li’l bee. Playing oh-so-happily. That’s what Sam was today.
First Sam had to wake up early and go to Learning Rainbow for the annual Teacher’s fair, which consists of Sam sitting in the sun for several hours selling Mom’s old teaching supplies to other teachers while Mom buys more teaching supplies from other vendors. Loads of fun, but Sam have a fifty percent commission and it is sweet. Sam walked away with $120 in Sam’s back pocket, which Sam promptly spent on art books and Japanese-English dictionaries and no longer possesses.

Sam also had to buy a birthday present for Kathy, who Sam would be surprising later in the day. So Sam went to across the street to the ‘Cheap Surplus’ junk store and bought:

- Fake eyelashes with little gems on them
- Temporary tatoos
- Two nail polishes, “comet” and “canery”
- Silly String
- Vending Machine Sticker
- Eyelid tattoos that left stars on your eyelids
- Uhm...Sam thinks that was all...

Sam got home and no one else was there, so Sam called Kay (Head Honcho of all things Kathy-Surprise-Party-Oriented) and Kay promised to pick Sam up at five. So Sam wrapped Kathy’s presents in many*many layers and in bubble wrap and newspapers and shiny tape so that it would be Heck to open them. Sam bagged them up, tissue-papered the lot, and took a shower because she wasn’t very clean at this point. (Sam used her Xtah Hair Taffy today. She loves it. It has excellent frizz control, although Sam’s hair was still a frizzly mess overall.) Then Kay came and Sam went.

Lisa met Kay and Sam at Kay’s house. So did Aaron, who went to VC with Sam freshman year. Aaron is cool. He might come visit Clinton’s English class next week. One of Aaron/Lisa/Kathy’s friends came too, but Sam forgot his name, which is bad, because he was really nice and funny and kept saying ‘Right on.’ Thus, Sam will refer to him as Right-On Boy.

So Kay went to get Kathy and everyone hid. Sam hid behind a giant chair. Sam’s mushroom butt was sticking up in the air. (Just kidding. Sam doesn’t have a mushroom butt. Sam hasn’t got a butt at all. But according to our conversations last night, Jessy had an old butt. It sags. Lisa makes great observations.) Kathy opened the door, and saw Lisa’s hair sticking up over the couch. She didn’t quite get it, but thought that was strange. Then everyone jumped up and went “Surprise!” Kathy was surprised. Yahoo.

Party was fun. We talked; weird Asian theories and Jessy Jacobs and old VC events kept popping up. We ate; Lisa had made a great Funfetti cake for Kathy and Aaron had baked (very good) chocolate chip cookies. We drank; well, I remained dry but everyone else mixed cocktails. This turned out to be a bad thing, because while no one drank much Aaron drank just enough of some weird German alcohol that he was sick half the evening and Lisa had to watch him. (Poor baby.) Everyone watched Spinal Tap, although Aaron was out cold after the first ten minutes. (Funny movie...) And played Pin-The-Tail-On-The-Donkey. Played the “Mickey Mouse” game. Right-On Boy kept saying “Right on!” about Sam’s pants, socks, etc. Opened presents. Loads of fun all over the place; but this is an exceptionally condensed version after all.

At some point past midnight, Right-On Boy took Aaron, Lisa and Sam home. Niiiiice car. Sam wishes she could’ve ridden shotgun in the niiiiice car, but that was reserved for Aaron, who was threatening to puke all over the place. When Sam got dropped off at home, Right-On Boy asked for her screen name. (Only in Silicon Valley...) But Sam couldn’t give it to him ‘cuz Sam hasn’t got AOL, and the whole Yahoo thing would be too complicated to explain. So Sam figures she’ll ask get his name and e-mail address again from Lisa or Kathy, and then mail him.

I’m sleepy so I’m sleeping now. Yaaawn...

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