Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Last Night at Lush...out with a perfectly normal evening.

So it's my last night at Lush, and I kinda want it to be epic. You know. I put in over three years at the company, which is pretty long for a retail job, so my exit should be a celebration of awesomeness!!

But dude, it's also the week of finals and school weighs pretty heavily on my mind and my time, so whatever. Just get that last shift done and over with so I can have a FREEDOM! LIFE! MUSIC! GET DOWN ON THE DANCE FLOOR AND DO NOTHING BECAUSE I DON'T DANCE kind of existence. Or at least have the time to read a book that's unrelated to academics.

So I go into work and it's nice and quiet. No one makes a huge fuss, which is just fine, but the co-workers did put together a going-away-poster, and that was sweet. Debbie gave me one of the supersized Easter Egg bath bombs in the honey fragrance, which will excite Seanie because he loves that scent. (True story: The company made some limited edition perfume sprays in the Honey I Washed The Kids fragrance over the holidays. I ordered a bottle for fun. When it arrived, Seanie smelled it and instantly demanded "WHY DID YOU ONLY BUY ONE I COULD HAVE SPRAYED IT ON EVERYTHING WAAAAAAAH!" and it was great.)

Anyway, Sam and I helped customers and did our usual Monday night routines. We were also training a new co-worker (who had worked there at Lush back in 2008 so she wasn't so new, really) and that was fun. Really laid-back. There's a certain apathy when you know you won't be back the next day, but I tried to ignore it.
It's weird, though. Now that I think about it, this might be the first time I've ended a job and actually worked through to the end. At the acupuncture clinic, I gave my boss a two weeks' notice but timed it so that I wouldn't have been scheduled before leaving anyway. (I didn't want to see him ever again.) I was only working once a month or so at Bath & Body Works, and one day I just realized they hadn't called me in a few months, and that was that. Viking Bookstore was seasonal; when I left Bookbuyers it was agreed that I wouldn't have to work out the two weeks since I was having pains from sitting at the computers all day. Kohl's I just stopped showing up. Sunrise Bakery, my very first job, may have been the last time I worked a job 'til the bitter end, so to speak.

I'm still addicted to Lush products, and there's new stuff coming out in May so I'm sure I'll continue to visit the store. Heck, I'll probably continue to cut my own soap as long as people I know work there. But it's going to be weird entering the store and no longer having that sense of ownership that comes from working at a shop since its opening day.
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