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03 April 2010 @ 11:09 pm
Jesus Christ Superstar, Big Screen Edition  
Yesterday evening (Friday), Seanie and I had made a date to go see Jesus Christ Superstar at the Retro Dome with Bryan, one of the guys in our small group at church. Unfortunately, as I was getting off work Seanie had to take him Mom to the emergency room (her third trip in a month; she's been having some serious issues with her digestion lately) and we were in a pickle about what to do. Should we cancel the movie? Should I go with Bryan, leaving Seanie out of the fun? Should Seanie try to get back to San Jose in time for the movie?

I was pretty sleepy, so I would have been OK with canceling, but Bryan couldn't make it any other day that weekend and Retro Dome only shows a movie for one weekend at a time. So we decided to carry through with the plan, even though it did mean poor Seanie had to miss out. He was super-bummed, because he HATES being left out, and he had been looking forward to seeing the movie on the big screen.

I met Bryan and we carpooled to the movie theater. After finding out that the theater staged live productions as well as movies, Bryan started schmoozing with the theater's employees. (He's a drama teacher at a local high school, and he's directed/designed for a couple of local productions.) Talked to them about internships, future productions, possible job opportunities, etc. After a quick hop over to Target to get snacks, we settled in to watch Jesus Christ Superstar.

One of the nice things about seeing the movie on the big screen was I could catch all these funny details that just weren't noticeable on my little TV at home. For example, I could see what some of the extras were doing in the background more clearly, or admire Jesus' funky shaving job. See, his mustache looks pretty normal on a blurry old TV. Even on HD, when I watched the laserdisc and the DVD with Seanie and my brother, we never noticed anything especially strange. It looked like Jesus had a little bit of stubble growing in irregularly, but nothing too odd. On the big screen, I could see for the first time that the 'stubble' was actually an extension of his mustache, and it twirled a bit like Snidely Whiplash. So strange. Looking on Google, I couldn't find any photos that really showed the effect, but I swear it was there and it was WEIRD.
Also, it was a LOT easier to hear the starting-and-stopping of each song track when the audio was turned up so loud. Just another weird thing I didn't notice at home but TOTALLY picked up at the theater.

But, as you know, this is one of my favorite musical-to-screen adaptations, and one of my favorite movies, so it was just awesome to see.