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Easter 2010

It was a pretty quiet Easter this year. Seanie and I slept rather late, forgoing the usual trip to my childhood church's sunrise service. Instead, we were to meet our small group at Venture Christian for the 9:30 service...but I insisted we walk to church instead of drive (I figured there'd be tons of people attending the service, so avoiding traffic would be a good idea) and we were late and didn't rendezvous with the rest of the group. Too bad.

Pastor Chip's sermon was nice in that it wasn't focused solely on the Resurrection. That is, he didn't just read the Gospel telling the story of Jesus' return from the dead, sing some praise songs, and call it a day. Instead, he explained why the Resurrection is so important and central to Christianity, and why we don't just treat it as another myth. It was pretty interesting, even if most of the material was information I'd gleaned from other sources over the years. Considering I had spent much of the previous day griping with my Greek Orthodox friend Kostas that many people in the evangelical/non-denominational church movement are pretty freakin' ignorant about church history and the Bible itself, it was really great to have a history-based sermon.

After church Seanie and I went to visit his mother at the hospital. The hospital was down near Gilroy, the only Sonic location in the South Bay, so before we visited we popped by the restaurant for lunch. (Moral dilemma: On the one hand, I think those poor kids should get Easter off from work. But on the other, someone needed to make food for me to eat and I didn't wanna cook. Obviously my stomach won this round.) As much as I love the idea of a drive-in restaurant, Sonic is expensive and the food isn't that good. As much as I love the idea of a drive-in restaurant, Sonic is expensive and the food isn't that good. My sandwich was lukewarm and the fries were not very impressive. But we didn't grow up with a Sonic restaurant in San Jose, so the novelty of carhops always makes the place seem somehow magical.

When we finally got to the hospital, Seanie's mom was in better shape than I expected, so that was good. We talked for a bit while she poked at her lunch, but none of it appealed so she barely touched it. Then she did a few laps around the hospital floor, but after that she started cramping up and having pains in her abdominal area so she settled back into bed and we left. But most of our visit she wasn't in too much pain except for a 'burning' sensation in her stomach, and was able to talk and make jokes. Seanie's older brother, Terry, was visiting at the same time we were.

We left around three, and Seanie took me to an anime-themed store in Morgan Hill. We stayed there for a really long time - nearly an hour - because the owner was really nice and we chatted with him about out-of-print manga titles like GTO and Sailor Moon. I ended up buying some stuff, just to help support local, independent stores.

Mom baked turkey for dinner. It is to be our last night with a kitchen - tomorrow morning a bunch of big burly men will come in and start demolishing it and the next month or two will be dedicated to renovating the kitchen. We'll have a fridge and a microwave - nothing else. It'll be interesting to see how poor my diet becomes, since I'm sure I'll end up eating tons of processed, reheat-able foods, or else eating out.
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