Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

First day of Spring Quarter, 2010

After dithering and debating with myself all through Spring Break, I decided to take a relatively easy Spring quarter. As things currently stand, I'm only taking three classes:
Finite Mathematics - ABSOLUTELY have to pass this quarter; if I don't I won't transfer to SJSU. Can't have that. Teacher seems OK, strict but speaks clearly and that's actually a HUGE relief.
Beginning Spanish, Part II - I was rather worried about this class, because I haven't taken Spanish since high school and I don't remember much. I'd been reviewing it on Saturdays with one of the residents at RHA, but I get very frustrated when he tutors me because he stops me after every word to correct my pronunciation, and this makes me flustered and of course I make more mistakes until I can't say two words consecutively without being reprimanded. (I've come to dread the tutoring sessions, but I don't dare stop them because then I'd have no oral/hearing practice at all.) BUT it turns out this class only covers five chapters, so we should be moving at a rather slow pace, and thanks to the tutoring I'm not too behind at all. It should be OK.
Mythology and Folklore - Taking this one for fun, because mythology interests me. Class seems to be full of comic book nerds, so this should be an interesting quarter... I should be right at home.
Tags: deanza

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