Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Where should I park my butt in a classroom?

So I'm a pretty good student. Well, that might be stretching it...but I'm a decent student. On a report card the majority of my grades are A's, I read the homework and do most of the assignments, and I tend to do a lot of outside research so that I can understand the material well. My big failure as a student is attendance - in a good class I'll manage a 70-75% attendance rate. Most of the time, however, it's closer to 30-55%.
I just don't like physically being at school if I can avoid it.

But the classes I have this quarter? I pretty much have to show up for those. Math, Spanish = can't afford to miss because I'm horrible at both subjects. So I sit in the back of the classroom, take notes, answer the teachers' questions and everything is peachy-keen.

The problem is my Mythology class. Apparently we're going to spend a lot of class time doing group discussion. I guess that's OK. The problem is, I sit in the back, and that's where the slackers and lazy kids are. It's a fact. Now I sit there so that I can use the wall as a headrest and maybe text a little on the side, but I read the stories and usually know the material. The guys who sit around me today did not read the book, didn't know the stories, and so when we were supposed to talk...they didn't. It was horrible. We spent twenty-five minutes in groups, and I couldn't get the guys in my group to do anything. I mean, after five minutes I'd told them the story and we were supposed to be looking for themes in the myth, and I couldn't get them to contribute at all. So I spent like 20 minutes trying to do the assignment while these guys, sitting on either side of me, updated Facebook on their iPhones and staring at the wall. I'd ask them something and all I'd get were grunts in response.

Obviously, I can't do this for the entire semester. I'd shoot myself, never mind how it would affect my grade. But I love sitting in the back row. So do I move closer to the front of the classroom, where the smarter, interactive kids always are? I guess I could do that. But eh. I really like having a headrest while I'm sitting in these crappy plastic chairs.

It's also a problem in math class, to a lesser degree. We use the textbook in class and do exercises directly from the homework. Some kids still haven't bothered to get the textbook, so the teacher has them share with students who do have them. The guy in front of me hasn't got a textbook, so every class I have to stop and wait for him to V E R Y S L O W L Y copy the questions from my book. I just wanna tell him "Dude! Get your own friggin' book, they're only twenty bucks!" but then the teacher might mark me down for not participating with other students. Totally lame. Why should I have to babysit some kid because they come to class unprepared?
But being a bitch like that wouldn't be the Christian thing to do, anyway. So eh.
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