Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Shopping Everything's better when you don't work retail anymore!

Last night Seanie and I went out to Valley Fair to get some shopping done.  It was my first time going back to the mall since I'd left Lush, and it was a little weird going through the mall and knowing I no longer worked there.  No more hitting up other stores for mall employee discounts. 

It was even weirder going into Lush.  They had several Easter items on sale, so I bought six easter egg-shaped bath bombs.  We came in at the tail end of one of the store parties, so everyone was dressed all silly, with crazy hair and weird clothes.  Pete had a tiny little ponytail on top of his head like Pebbles Flintstone.  Very cute.  We took a couple of photos of everyone, but I'll have to post them later since I think they're still on Seanie's camera.

Next stop was Lupicia, where we picked up a couple of packages of this new 'matcha au lait' tea they're selling.  Take the flavored matcha powder, mix it into milk and microwave it, then gulp the frothy goodness down.  I thought it would work pretty well while the remodel is going, since we don't have any easy way to heat water.  (Well, I guess I could just microwave a cup of water, but that just seems weird to me.)  Got one flavored strawberry and one caramel.  I thought the sweeter flavors would  balance well with the bitterness of green tea.  While at the store, we also tried a sample of the matcha au lait with sakura flavoring, which was OK for drinking but not something I would buy to take home. 

Last stop ended up being Hot Topic, which is kinda weird since I almost never go in there.  It frightens me, somehow.  But I found a cute top that I really liked, and ended up buying it and after I got home I did the dorky 'model in the bathroom mirror' thing:

I like that I finally have a top I can wear that necklace with.  Nothing else I own is low-cut enough.  Of course, after I put it on I realized one of the beaded chains had fallen off.  Darn it!  But that's not important.  I have a cute new shirt and new tea and new bath bombs that's all I care about tonight!

Oh, and I also received an extra check from Lush in the mail because there was a settlement for a class-action suit.  That was cool.  The $75 check almost covered my spending spree at the mall!
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