Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Busy day full of socializing. MOST unusual.

Today was a crazy busy day. But for once, it wasn't school or work that made it busy. I was busy because I was hanging out with friends. New friends. What a strange and mind-boggling novelty.

I did have school today. Homework was due in math. My math teacher is growing on me. He's very strict, but secretly I like authoritarian teachers as long as they let you know exactly what they expect, and he makes that very clear.

After class I went over to Bryan's house to hang out. He's the first guy I've ever met who collects penguins. Not the first guy with a dragon collection, though. Hmmm. I criticized his taste in art (a Van Gogh print hanging in your living room? Really?? How bland!) and he made a list of all my undesirable qualities (can't clean, can't cook, don't have a career, etc) and it was all great fun. We were waiting for Seanie to get off of work so we could all go eat at Chef Ko's Chinese Restaurant, the only restaurant I know where you can order Kung Pao Chicken and a vanilla milkshake on the same tab. It's so good that Seanie insists I can't go there without him, especially with another boy. It's that awesome. So I helped Bryan hang some black curtains up with gaffer's tape, and then watched Pixar's short films while he sorted papers. Finally Seanie finished with work so we headed off to the restaurant to meet him. (I carpooled with Bryan, allowing him to add 'doesn't like to drive' to his list of my flaws.) Food was good, service was great, and Bryan gave the restaurant an extra gold star for having cute waitresses. (Another white man falls to the allure of Oriental exoticism. Ha!)

After we'd gotten back to Bryan's house, he had just enough time to give Seanie a quick tour of the place before he headed off to direct play rehearsals (he's a high school drama teacher) and we raced off to our Tuesday church group...except instead of the usual Bible-related study we had a game night. Carlos and Christy were hosting, and we played board games. I think that eight or nine people showed up, which is much smaller than the group was when we first came (there were close to 20 people at the first meeting) but the 'core' people who always show up were there. The first game we played was called Hysterium, I think. You were given cards and had to act out whatever your card said and find someone who had the matching card. But everyone's acting the cards out at the same time, so while you're trying to figure out what to say and do you also have to watch what everyone else was up to. So funny; I think I spent more time laughing than actually playing.
Second game was Cranium. We divided into teams of three, and it was fun, but my team was losing pretty badly! We kept getting the trivia questions...awkward.

So yeah, that was fun. At one point someone referred to Seanie as a farmer boy, and by the end of the night it was a new nickname that he'll hear about for the rest of his adult life. Awesome. That's how you know you've had a good time, right?

Just a couple of quick photos:

Seanie being puppet-ed by Carlos

The ladies in the group - Jezer, Christy, Diane - acting out one of the cards. Can't remember what it was for the life of me.
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