Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Another exciting Thursday.

Seanie and I went wandering around Japantown this afternoon. He got off work early because the company's internet connection was down for over two hours, and they can't do their jobs without it. (They sell telephone lines that work through the Internet. Somehow. He explained it once but I didn't get it.)

We wandered into a store that carries a lot of Japanese-related stuff (anime, manga, cheap kimono, housewares, and lots of other random things) and Seanie found a t-shirt that had The Flash on it. He can't resist anything that combines Japanese + The Flash for only $14:

It had been years since I'd been in that part of San Jose, so we wandered in and out of the stores. Most of the restaurants were closed until 5, so we couldn't get a real meal to eat, so after picking up the coveted mochi (squishy and delicious) we headed back towards Willow Glen to go to Seanie's favorite comic book store and find a late lunch. Ended up getting a MASSIVE slice of vegetarian lasagna at La Villa Deli. Huge. I mean, the thing was the size of a brick.

What else did we do? Nothing too exciting, I guess. I bought a graphic novel of Pride and Prejudice; I hope it's good but I suspect I will find good reason to regret my impulsiveness.
I just thought the cover was funny...


The contractors remodeling our kitchen finally did some work today. They'd been waiting on an inspector all week. But they couldn't get very far before they decided they needed to get inspected again, so labor won't recommence until next week.

I miss having a kitchen.
Tags: japantown, mochi, seanie

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